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8.5 month fell right on his head

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My 8.5 month old kamikaze DS fell off some playground equipment and landed directly on the top of his head. It was about a foot off the ground and onto that cushy playground stuff they have these days. He cried for maybe 5 minutes, nursed and then was ready to play again. I wouldn't be concerned except that he has been fussy all day today and his soft spot feels strange, like the bump from the fall is half on the soft spot and half off. Does anyone see anything to be concerned about here? I feel so unsure and I may call our doctor, but I need to wait until tomorrow. Sigh, I just second guess myself now that I'm a mom.

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I would bring him in to the doctor or even the ER. I am paranoid but if you think something is off, follow your momtuition 

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I think if you are concerned call your doctor. Anything that is off to me is always worth a call if only to comfort yourself you know? If your LO is acting different than normal and you have ruled out teething, tummyache etc, I would definitely call.


I can certainly relate to the nerves, as the mama of an only the first time my DD fell off our bed I freaked out and burst into tears myself and don't even get me started on the time she fell off the bed and took the lamp with her and it fell in top of her and landed on her head. Yikes.


I think you will find that if you are nervous the easiest thing is just to double check it and that way you can either deal or move on!


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