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Teething Three-Month-Old

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My son is three months old.  For the past two weeks, he has had congestion and a cough on and off.  I don't suspect it is a cold - he just doesn't seem sick.  I think it might be teething (he has also been chewing on his hands and drooling).


I want to help him (especially since he hasn't been sleeping well).  Is there anything i can do for him at this age?  I don't want to give him tyelenol - especially since tyelenol wouldn't help the congestion.  I aspirate him, which provides minimal relief.  I BF him, diffuse eucalyptus essential oils in our home, and I've elevated two legs of his bassinet so he sleeps on an incline.  Any more ideas?

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Well, first off, drool production and hand chewing both seem to increase between 6-12 weeks for every baby I've ever been around. You still might not see any teeth for months. I was sure Cecilia was teething around 2.5 months and she didn't get her first one 'til after 6 months.


You can try steaming up your bathroom with a hot shower running and hanging out with him in there. The hot steam should help ease his congestion, and you can suck it out with the snot sucker afterward.

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Oh good idea about the steam!


My 1st son starting "teething" around 3 mths too but didn't get his first tooth until 5.5 mths.  My current son is now 3mths as well, and while he drools a bit and sucks on his hands, I don't think he's teething.  My older son would get runny noses and mild fevers while teething, so its possible your son is too.

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