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I finished all of my summer goals that I last listed.
GOALS for week August 29-Sept 2
1. Scan and trace CN xsectn
2. Send coauthor Ero figures
3. Start IN
4. Harass co-author about Appy paper
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Some goals for this week:

1. Finish full rewrite of PP paper except for discussion section (hopefully get that done, too)

2. At least 30 minutes writing each day

3. Make 1 new figure

4. Revise 3 other figures


Positive news: Forcing myself to focus on PP paper for 2 hour chunks last week got me back into it.  I'm now proceeding much better than I was.  Phew.

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Because I worked on something else all last week

Here are my restated goals for the week
Sept 6-9


. Scan and trace CN xsectn
DONE Send coauthor Ero figures
4. Harass co-author about Appy paper


Tomorrow -
Submit AAPG abstracts
Read Erosion Figures
Edit Studentscdiss prop
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My goals:


Get Diff paper back to student hopefully ready to submit

Get IC paper back to same student ready to resubmit

Read on mantle fO2 to figure out a way through former MS student's paper.  Blech.

Finish table 2 of Bam paper



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My goals:
- read 2 articles in journal
- spend 2 hours editing paper

Not sure where the 2 hours are coming from, as DH has a meeting tonight and is on a business trip the rest of the week. Maybe Saturday?
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Goals for week of Sept 26
1. Figure out solution to CN xsectn
2. Read sk diss prop
3. Read lw thesis
4. Submit IN abstract
5. Figure out field plans
6. Start In xsectn
7. Write on CN paper
8. Harass co-author again about Appy
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Finish paper for course from last spring (ouch)

Write three book reviews for work

Read over Dh's dissertation chapter

Refine paper to be presented at conference in December


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*Get up the guts to read LTHRing paper reviews

*Tackle easy stuff from LTHRing paper reviews

*Bamble:  finish figs and tables for submission

*Diamond:  summarize papers I've been reading last week and this

*Hol:  Groan.  Remember that hol exists.

*Write & submit NSLS proposal, due Friday.


Now off to class.

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- Mayuzumi: work framework explanation into beginning and a table somewhere there or in the back, plus finish editing the thing already
- Brainstorm and fiddle with proposals for national AMS/SEM meeting
- Brainstorm ideas for this spring's regional AMS meeting
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Bumping to ask - is there a current thread like this anywhere?

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As far as I know, this one just kind of fizzled out.  


I did sign up for a program on-line (Academic Writing Club by Academic Ladder), and it was actually pretty helpful.  Same idea as here - you set short-term goals and have a group you report to each day.  But you have to pay for it. 


(I was somewhat pleased to see that I have finished 3 of the 4 goals I put up at the beginning of this thread, and a little bummed that the Rav paper still isn't done...)


I'd be up for joining a new thread again if others are interested.  

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I would participate in another thread for 2013

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Me too!
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Me too. I could use the boost this year.
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I don't post a lot here but I thought of just starting a new thread that anyone who wants to can use. I have a lot of catching up to do on writing and other work and could use some accountability.


Going to start new thread now...

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OK, guys. The new thread is here:




I hope it's OK that I started one!

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