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Natural Immune System Booster Resources?

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Hi everyone: 


Basically I'm just looking for ideas and/or sites where I can research natural immune system boosters.  I learned about a year ago that I have developed a weakened immune system due to Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency - oh the joys.  Basically my insurance refuses to pay for the daily injections of GH my body needs to function.  And I have been sick constantly since mid-2008 with everything from the average flu to UTI's (for the first time in my life), yeast infections and the most fun - quarterly MRSA infections.  We won't get into how irate I am that the insurance would rather pay to have me on anti-biotics for the rest of my life but not injections to keep it from happening.  *sigh*  Anyway, because I am tired of being sick and because I am just at my wit's end with this ridiculousness I am begging for help.  I am trying to get my house moved over to more natural/organic products, but when I'm constantly having to bleach towels, clothes, etc. - it's difficult.  Supplements, foods, detoxes whatever.  I just need to be pointed in the right direction and I know so many of you are way better at this than me.  I have been looking online but mostly I just run into the 'download this free e-book' sites, which I'm hardly inclined to do.  I do try to take Vitamin C on a regular basis and eat foods w/ it besides, I know I have a Vitamin D deficiency which I'm working on fixing as well.  I honestly just need a little direction about where to look for help or someone to share some knowledge with me.  TIA to anyone who replies. 

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From Women to Women, great article and ideas for

Foods and herbs for boosting immunity and respiratory health


We're almost through cold and flu season!


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There is loads of good info on natural ways to improve the immune system here:

Natural Immune System Boosters


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Thank you everyone!! 


I am doing the Vitamin C and D - and love garlic - so that's good news.  winky.gif


I very much appreciate these links.  Great info.  Thank you all!!

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Good - garlic is fantastic! And one of my favorite herbs for immunity is Olive Leaf it is wonderful for fighting off infections.

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