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questions for a SAHP

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Hello all,


I hope this is not considered poor etiquette, but I was hoping that somebody would be willing to help me with a school assignment. I'm currently completing my final course online for my bachelor's degree. My major is psychology, but this course is for my minor in child and family development.


My assignment is focused on "single-career" and "dual-career" marriages. I had lined up interviews with friends but they are taking a while to get back to me, so I am hoping to get more immediate gratification here. :) Please feel free to respond here or to email me if you feel more comfortable that way. My email address is kateehaines at yahoo.com.


For those of you who are a SAHP with a working spouse:


How did you decide to have a single-career marriage?


Do you expect this arrangement to change in the future?


How has this decision affected you/your family/your marriage (positives/negatives)?


What challenges have you encountered being in a single-career marriage?


How have you overcome these challenges?


What advice would you give to a couple who is deciding whether to pursue a single-career or dual-career marriage?


And finally, a little bit of demographic information (as much as you are comfortable sharing)...

Gender and age of yourself, your spouse and your children

race/ethnicity, geographic location (country, or area of country are fine), job or field of your spouse, educational and religious background of you and your spouse, and any other information that you feel is relevant :)


If you choose to respond via email, the answers to these questions will be shared only with my professor at the University of Georgia. If you choose to share your name, it will be changed to ensure confidentiality.


Thanks so much in advance! I guarantee you will see me around the commune in the coming years, when I have the pleasure of becoming a mother myself. :)



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Do you still need responders?

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