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I FELT the baby!

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Like, not just feeling the baby move, and not just feeling a harder spot where the baby is, either... I was feeling baby rolling around a bit in there, so I put the palm of my left hand on that side of my belly, and the fingers of my left hand going towards my belly button, and then did the same with my right hand on the right side of my belly. I could feel a lump under my left palm, so I sort of pushed on it, and I could totally feel baby's whole back with my fingers, and the other end of the body with my right palm, probably 6 or 7 inches long! Baby was laying low and transverse, and then moved away after I pushed around for a bit ;-)

I haven't felt a whole lot of movement this time, I'm pretty sure my placenta has been anterior but in the past couple of weeks has moved up, so it is really cool for me to be able to actually FEEL where the baby is already! I'm not just getting fat after all! ROTFLMAO.gifI was pretty good at palpating and feeling DS's position when I was pregnant with him, but I was a lot further along, definitely in my third trimester, and with DD I was afraid to push around/palpate too much because I knew her intestines were floating around in there, and I was afraid of hurting her, so it's super exciting to be able to palpate baby already at 20 weeks!

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That's cool! joy.gif

I felt baby poke me from the outside yesterday. S/he was poking me in one spot so I put my hand there and, sure enough, I felt a poke with my hand on top of my belly. I've been trying to get dh to feel it but baby goes still anytime he puts his hands on my belly.

I think, "Wow! There really is a baby in there." It's been kind of not real to me even with the sickness and my belly growing and the movement.
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Awesome!  Feeling the baby move is absolutely amazing.  I can't get enough.  I felt the baby for the first time on the outside with my hand at 18w exactly.  It was 5am and I couldn't sleep and baby was bouncing around.  I decided to give my belly a feel and I was able to feel him kick!  So there's me, in bed, unable to sleep, still pitch black outside, with a huge grin on my face.  It's the best thing.

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I swear I can feel the baby too.  Last night DH and I were laying in bed.  I looked down and one side of my uterus was obviously bigger than the other.  I started feeling around and could feel the baby laying transverse.  It was so cool to feel where s/he began and ended.  I think I feel movement too but being a first timer, I'm not totally sure.

I don't seem to have a swisher and a swirler as everyone describes.  I have more of a thumper.  Don't know if this is imagination or baby seeing I've never experienced this before.


It's pretty cool whatever it is.....and I know for sure it's not gas winky.gif

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