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Puppy housebroke herself at 8 weeks??

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We are fostering an 8-week-old chow/lab puppy. She was raised in a barn with free access to the outdoors. We've had her for 3 days and she's never had an accident in the house. As soon as I take her outside she does her business immediately and runs right back to the door, ready to go inside. She goes 6+ hours at night in her crate before whining to go outside. I've had a lot of puppies and have never had one who seemed to innately understand housebreaking?? Just wondering if anyone else has had such luck?

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My chocolate lab only took 2 weeks to be trained.  Amazing dogs those labs :)

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Lol it must be completely random among labs.  Ours took forever to learn, but my greyhound did the same thing - never an accident in the house to this day!  Lucky!  She sounds house-trained :)  (i don't like the word "broken" - reminds me of how they break horses...)

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My German Shepard/Lab mix was house trained almost immediately. My husband got her as a 8 week puppy before we met. She is the.smartest.dog.ever! Especially apparent when compared to my 2 year old Basset Hound, who is still working on potty training. sigh. We joke that we have Albert Einstein (german shepard/lab) and Forest Gump (Basset Hound).

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I actually just got a six week old puppy who seems to be house trained.  He's a (possible) pit bull pup mixed with maybe American Bulldog.


We've had him for two days and two nights, going on our third night.  He goes to the bathroom in the grass, on the side of the yard away from where we walk.  He hasn't gone on the porch.  When inside, he has whined several times to go out...does his business and then comes back in.  My seven year old was on "puppy duty" the first night (she insisted) and he woke her up by licking her face and whining...and she got up and let him out.  He did his business and came back in.


The second night, he started whining in the middle of the night.  I told my husband to let him out, and he said "I just did a little while ago; I don't think he has to go."  Eventually, the pup went into our BATHROOM and pooped on the tile floor.


I think we have  genius dog.  lol  I've never seen such good instincts on a dog before.

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I think its so cute how they figure out where we go potty! My basset first went potty on the bathroom floor while I was sitting on the pot! ROTFLMAO.gif

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