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IV Vitamin C

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I just had my first treatment last night.  joy.gifI feel like a million bucks!  I can't believe how wonderful I feel.  It is expensive, but I am hoping it will boost my immune system to get these recurrent viral infections under control.  There were no "bowel tolerance" issues that I get from the oral C.


So if anyone was on the fence - do it!

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What was the cost? We are way low on income,so I am sure I could never get it done.Would love too though.Lucky you! Wishing you good health!

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The initial office visit was $50 (which seemed pointless, but they wouldn't start IVs without it.)  Then 1 treatment is $140 or if you get a series of 10 it is $126/visit.  They said some insurance will cover part of it, so I will submit it and see.


Now my DH and my dad are interested because my experience was so great.  I can't wait until Sat. for my next treatment.  smile.gif

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Hi! Can I ask where you got this done? I have been looking for a doctor that does this in the Pittsburgh area but don't know where to look.
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Wow that's really great! Was it your idea or your doctor's? I'm trying to picture my MD signing off on this! 

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