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My ds has long blonde hair.  He started puberty last year.  We're trying to figure out how to keep his scalp clean & healthy without drying out his hair or leaving it dull & greasy.  Using baking soda & vinegar is working okay, I just figured out we've been using too much of both, so we'll adjust that for his next shower.  Just getting this far was a bit of a struggle.  Of course he wants privacy in the shower, so I promised not to look down.  Now I'd like for him to take over & do this for himself, but he insists on my help.  How do I make this easier for him to do himself?  Is it possible to dissolve the baking soda so it won't seperate back out so we could mix up a few showers worth?  Right not it seems like he needs to shower every other day, by the 2nd day he starts to look greasy.  In the coming months (warmer weather, increased sweat producing activity) I think he'll need to shower & wash his hair more often. 


Any tips, advice?  I wouldn't mind using product if there is something that would be more suitable.  We tried using a cheap conditioner only, but over the course of 6 weeks, it caused a really gross waxy build up on his scalp.  *ick*