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Chat Thread - Feb 22-28

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This may well be our last chance for a chat thread in the DDCs. Anyone around?

Eliana is 14 weeks old now. Where has the time gone?! She's so NOT a newborn anymore! She seems older than she is in many ways and it makes me miss her newborn-ness even more. greensad.gif She is still such a happy baby! love.gif

We've been pursuing her weight issues for the last month. We *finally* were able to get her tongue clipped this afternoon. It's been crazy trying to find someone to do it. We ended up going across town (which, in this monstrous city, is fully 50 miles) to a midwife who's known to do them. That was after going to an oral surgeon this morning who said, "Oh, look, she's not tongue tied!" irked.gif He was referred by the pedi dentist whom we loved but who wasn't comfortable doing a clip as involved as hers might need to be. We found her after a long search subsequent to seeing an alternative pedi who confirmed that Eliana is perfectly healthy and has no major, underlying issues. We went to her after an LLL leader who's trained in posterior ties confirmed my suspicions and evaluated her latch. We did that after spending a week addressing suspected letdown and over-supply issues as well as going dairy-free, all in an effort to affect her weight gain and mucousy stools.

And then there's the ENT we were referred to who didn't have an appointment open till next Monday. I'll cancel that one tomorrow. dizzy.gif

After her tongue was clipped, I saw her really stick out her tongue on her own for the first time ever. She did stick it out a couple of times yesterday when I was messing with her upper frenulum, but I've never, ever seen her do it other than that. I hoping this solves her issues! praying.gif

How is everyone else doing? It's been so quiet here! I can't believe we'll be moving over to Life with a Babe soon! Though it has felt very strange for quite a long time to click "I'm Pregnant" when I'm thinking, "No, I'm not!!" lol.gif
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I can't believe how fast the time is flying! Ian is getting so big (16 1/2 lbs now!) and is definitely NOT a newborn anymore either! I think he is 14 weeks today (I have started losing count!)... We've been really sick the last couple weeks (DH had pnuemonia, I got the Flu, then the boys caught that from me as well as RSV and ear infections......) All in the last week and a half. Everyone finally seems to be on the mend! I am so looking forward to Spring and warmer weather so we can get outside! Being cooped up with fussy baby and whiney toddler is really wearing on me....Also I'm having a hard time adjusting to the whole 2-kid thing... Ian is pretty high needs and Liam is not doing well on getting almost no attention. :(


ahh.. i'm tired.. hopefully I will have more positive posts when I get some sleep!

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Catie- Your poor family! goodvibes.gif

I hope Eliana's tongue tie gets resolved soon, Heather!

Molly is huge and getting to be a playful baby. Where has the time gone? She screams and laughs and plays with toys (well, eats them). She has yet to roll over, but that probably involves being put down. eyesroll.gif
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Clara is 13 lbs of cuteness, she's loving sitting up in my arms and looking around, grabbing at things now.  She's also the incredible sleeping baby.  After going to hell and back with sleep issues with my older DD, the way she sleeps almost feels criminal.  I actually like going to bed, it's unreal to me.  I'm kind of sad that she isnt' a little bitty newborn anymore, but I forgot how much I love this age of baby. 

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Sounds like I have a real chubmuffin, comparatively...Nicholas was 17 lbs 5 oz last Thursday.  I took him in to get weighed at the health unit because I thought he might have outgrown the infant carseat already.  I pulled a muscle in my back carrying him in it last week up several flights of stairs - note to self: more Beco time!


He's sleeping really well (8-9 hours a night) and had a 4 hour nap today - I'm knocking on wood that this continues, because all my other kids were terrible sleepers from 4 months on, after sleeping well before that.


Missing you all, especially those I don't see on FB.  Hope you're all doing well!

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Marah is getting so big... she's a little chunky munky. I'm assuming she's around 16+lbs now. She occasionally rolls from her back to her belly. Prefers being on her tummy if she's down. She, of course, mostly prefers to be held. She's a finger sucker... I've never had one of those, lol. She's such a happy little lark. I'm ever so in love with her.



Couple pi5466885033_6333c029f8_b.jpgcs!










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Crazy that November 2011 DDC is up, huh?  I remember I found out I was pregnant on St. Patrick's Day last year! (I could've found out sooner, but I was in denial!) winky.gif


I'm looking forward to enjoying spring (if it ever comes) and summer this year since I didn't really get to appreciate it last year, being so sick.


Catie, I'm sorry you've been dealing with so much sickness!  And Heather, I hope the frenulum-snipping ends Eliana's problems!


Maia is 3 months old (I have no idea how many weeks) and is definitely not a teeny-weeny any more, but also isn't as big as some of your babies.  I can't imagine a 16 or 17 pound baby right now!  yikes.gif  Maia was around 10 pounds at her 2 month appointment a month ago.  I can tell she's chunking out nicely, though.  She's in 0-3 months clothing but I did have to go up to the 3-6 month onesies.  She loves to smile and coo and blow rasberries, but has only laughed a couple of times so far.  It seems like when I try to make her laugh, I can only either get her to smile at me or I make her look surprised and almost scared.  I guess I'm not very funny!  lol.gif  She's also sleeping great, taking a 2-3 hour nap in the morning and then shorter naps throughout the day.  She's finally going to bed earlier now (9:30 or 10) and sleeping usually until at least 3, sometimes much longer.  She goes to bed either with me or in her crib, and then I bring her in bed when she wakes up.  It's working out great, like the best of both worlds for me!


My 2-yr old is adjusting great, and hasn't demonstrated any real problems, so at this point I don't think he's going to.  He loves his baby sister and loves to hold her and kiss her.


I'm working one or two days a week and that's going fine.  She does well with the bottle and my milk supply hasn't suffered any negative consequences with pumping and such.


We still haven't worked out anything definitive regarding birth control, so that has me a little nervous for sure.  We pretty much know that we're done with baby-making, and although that makes me sad, I know in my heart that it's the right decision for us.


So this is the end of the road for me.  I'm working on my certification to become a childbirth educator as well as a postpartum nurse, so in the future I'll be fulfilling my birth and baby cravings at work! 


I miss everyone and wish you all the best as the sun sets on our DDC!  grouphug.gif







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Catie, I hope the illness run ends quickly!!

I love hearing how big and mature all the babies are getting! love.gif

Cute pics, Nic!

Julie, I'm so glad your 2yo is doing well with the little one!

We're almost certainly done, too, and it's very sad. It makes me more sad for Eliana to be growing so fast. greensad.gif But I'm also really happy with our four. And, I can't imagine doing another birth with the intensity of the last two. My hope for this birth was that it would be moderate, but it was anything but. greensad.gif I am also anxious to pursue midwifery and know that it will be difficult with nurslings. Being "done" means I can look forward to Ellie growing up and being able to do attend births.

Of course, we have no real plans for BC at this point. I'm sure we'll do NFP, but I don't generally have to worry for at least 1-2 years. Then again, I had some weird cm today and one never knows what that might (or might not) mean. eyesroll.gif Of course, there are certain things necessary for getting pg that are in rather short supply around here. lol.gif

I've been frustrated the last few days with the boys waking up Eliana constantly. It seems like she's sleeping more lightly, at least for some parts of her naps, and their sudden noises are just too much. But, right now, she's sleeping quite soundly and when they've come to show me their latest Lego creations, it hasn't bothered her. shrug.gif I've taken to putting on music just for background sometimes. She *needs* her sleep!!

She seems to be doing well with her tongue. I've actually had her latch sometimes with her mouth VERY wide, which is amazing! I can see her tongue more when she's nursing, too. We probably need to do some exercises with her to encourage her to use it more, but I'm pretty convinced at this point that it's done something. She's gained .87oz/day in the last 3 days (including the day of the clip) versus .45oz/day over the previous 6 days. That's still not a lot, but it's within the range of acceptable, at least! (Though, to be fair, she'd gained much better the two weeks prior to last week, though none the week before those...) Hopefully she can gain appropriately and consistently now.

The only sad thing is she's not smiling as big as she was. greensad.gif She would lift her tongue when she did, so I think she's protecting it. I am hoping as it heals that she'll go back to her BIG smiles - the ones that look like this orngbiggrin.gif. love.gif She's still sweet and happy, though, and hasn't fussed much at all. We had an hour drive home and she fussed a good bit of that, but overall it was a pretty straightforward and uncomplicated procedure and recovery.

Looks like we're going as a family to the Texans for Midwifery lobbying day at the State Capitol. thumb.gif I'm excited that my DH will come along (he wants to visit a music shop in Austin! lol.gif) and help out with the 3yo while I take the baby and the biggers (for whom it counts as "good citizenship" for homeschooling thumb.gif) to meet with legislators/aides. Two years ago, I went with just the boys and we really enjoyed it. It's a 3 hour drive, starting before dawn, though, so I'm glad for some help! lol.gif
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Heather, I hope that little tongue gets better soon too!  Just thinking about it makes mine hurt!


Rachel is growing like a little weed.  I've no idea how much she weighs - she was almost 13 pounds at her 2 month check and is even more massive now.  We call her our serious baby.  She has yet to give us what I would consider a true laugh.  She smiles but maybe not as much as what my other little ones did (though I think they were "very" smiley, if that makes sense).  She is just the light of our lives.  Since she was such an incredible surprise to us, I feel like it makes her so special.  We're still working on ec.  She was down with a miserable cold last week, so we took a big break.  I just ordered a Baby Bjorn Little Potty and I'm hoping that we can get going with that.  I'm not the best at reading her cues since I am so distracted by the other kids (mine and babysitting kids).  I'm trying to stay positive though.


Unfortunately, it's not been as easy to stay positive about other things going on in our lives.  Dh is a teacher and is one of those being effected by state legislature trying to break unions and pass massive salary cuts.  If the law goes through as it stands, he'll lose 30% of his pay.  It is simply devestating.  All of us attended a rally yesterday, little kids bundled up even held signs, and I had Rachel in a moby wrap.  The bill passed though the senate and needs to be voted on by the house, however I don't know when that will happen because the democrats have all fled to Illinoise to avoid holding the vote.  So so so stressful.  We've been busting it as hard as we can to get our house ready to go on the market so we can move to town to be closer to our church's private day school where ds currently attends.....well, they increased tuition by about $750.  Likely, he won't attend there next year.  School isn't the easiest thing for him and he's taking it rather hard.  As it is, we'll still put our house up for sale but might been looking at an out-of-state move and dh is considering changing professions...though to what he doesn't know.


Must go feed hungry children.  Still love to hear about everybody.  I was just thinking that I got knocked up around this time last year.

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Ellen, my dh is a firefighter and we are in fear of the same legislation... greensad.gif

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All the budget issues right now are pretty scary. Here in Oregon, we aren't facing the collective bargaining changes that you are in WI, but still...DH's district (he's a music teacher) is facing a $6 million shortfall next year.  We are positive we will face either a lay off or an income reduction. I hate thinking about going back to work before Paige is a year, but I'll do what needs to be done.


Speaking of Paige - she's doing so wonderfully, despite having RSV last week. We were nebulizing her 4 times a day, but went down to three then two, and now I haven't neb'd her since yesterday morning and she seems to be OK. Still snotty. She will be 16 weeks tomorrow, weighs over 13 pounds, and is in 3-6 month clothes (some 9 month pants over the cloth diapers! Even though they are way to long).


We bought her this great sheepskin blanket from Green Mountain Diapers, and it seems to help with naps:




And her brother is more and more loving every day, although he still has the moments when he abuses her :(


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It sounds like everyone is doing well and that all newborn issues have been ironed out thumb.gif Heather-Eliana's weight gain has been impressive over the past couple of days-it sounds like the frenulum really was the problem. Do keep us posted!!

Nic-Marah looks just like you!!!!

Bobbi-I am SO jealous of your sleep!!


Things are going really well over here. I too can't believe how quickly Evie is growing-time is going by so fast. I'm already thinking about #3, but my husband says he is completely done. Not like we have time to dtd. I feel like I never see my husband. Evie doesn't go to sleep until 11 or 12, and by then my husband and I are soooooooo tired. My son is doing well with the baby, really well actually, he is very loving and protective. I am so relieved. He still nurses and I am trying to taper the nursing, but he has serious tantrums when I do-so I will keep tandeming for a bit I think-just because I think it has helped him to adjust.

Speaking of milk, well, Evie is almost 17 lb and is 15 weeks old today! She is a chunkster. She is such a happy baby-so happy it is such a  blessing. She is so mellow and after having such a  high needs child (my son) I am really, really enjoying having a happy baby.  She loves to talk-all day- I love it!

Sleep though.....She was a great sleeper in the beginning-put herself to sleep, 6 hour blocks...but for some reason she wants to stay latched to me for naps (which just can't happen-I have a three year old too!). Getting her to sleep at night is frustrating and then she wakes every 2-3 hours. I'm not sure what to do about this yet. I'm having flashbacks of being up every 1-2 hours for 2 1/2 years with my son.

Oh, for a couple of days she was uncharacteristically grumpy, drooling, more wakeful and chewing on everything. I thought I'd feel her gums and I can feel a MOLAR peeking through. WTH?????jaw.gif Seriously-teething is the bane of my existence.

I'm so sad this DDC is closing. I'm really going to miss everyone and this experience. bawling.gif

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I am so sorry about all the budget issues for everyone. goodvibes.gif

My dh is also a teacher, but in a community college. Here in IL about the time I found out I was pg with Molly, he was told he would be laid off. They ended up laying off 20% of the teachers but didn't even bother with a pay cut for the over paid administrators. And I do mean, overpaid. They even admitted it. We are in a small community but since IL stopped paying their bills, they were going to have to tap into school savings. Why they would lay off the teachers and not other personnel. You can't run schools without teachers!!!! Luckily dh was able to keep his job but at any moment he might have to start commuting an hour away for part of the day to teach at a sister school even though it's not in his contract. It's a load of BS. Dh was the only one on the list not to be laid off and we're hoping that remains true until our 3 years in this house is up so we can sell it and move (our mortgage & tax indicate we can not without a $7500 penalty on our $75000 house).

Wow, Jodie8, a molar! How fast time flies!

Karen-my 3 yo saw Paige and thought it was Molly. I had to explain to her that that was "Paige" and she was born the day after Molly. "Wow!" lol.gif
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Wow, reading this thread gave me such a strong pregnancy flashback.


Heather - I'm sure you'll be getting those big smiles again. Eliana sounds like a smart little girl, keeping such great watch over her tender mouth.


Catie - Sounds like you are over the illness hump, hopefully!


Everyone's babies sound so cute. Des has been growing big, too, he was over 16lbs at his 12 week appointment, already into 6 month clothes and up. I went to my first LLL meeting a couple days ago and had such a great time. I can't tell you how relieving it is to meet other breastfeeding moms. It was so nice to not have to EXPLAIN everything for once. Or have everyone shut up and look away "politely" while I breastfeed.


The past few days have been pretty trying though. First he started waking every 2 hours again in the night. No big, I figured growth spurt? Maybe learning a new skill? But I started to notice that he was making all his hunger cues (getting fussy, scratching his face/eyes, if I'm carrying/holding him he roots) and then consistently scream when I offer the breast. He'll latch and then immediately spit it out and SCREAM, even if I am prompt and catch his cues early... Or even if he shows no cues at all and I just offer because it has been 2-3 hours. Then on Friday I felt iffy and that night I was really sick, I was throwing up in the bathroom for about 2 and a half hours, sharp stomach pains - we almost went to the hospital. Friday night he nursed well, every two hours, mostly in semi-sleep.


Saturday he screamed at my breast all day. I would have to calm him down from screaming into sleep for about an hour, then like a ninja whip out a boob and get him to eat in his sleep. All the while, still feeling sick. By evening he was doing better, had a longer than usual usual cluster feed from 7-11. Then he was up every 1.5 - 2 hours literally screaming in pain. He would sometimes have gas, sometimes have a burp, one time projectile vomited everywhere - and completely refused my boob, even if he was sleeping - he would wake and start to scream. Over a 9 hour period, he sucked for about 4 minutes but I was so worked up from an hour of screaming, I don't even think my milk had let down. This afternoon I was able to calm him by bouncing him on the exercise ball and snuck a nipple into his mouth, but if I stopped bouncing - the screaming!


Anyway, that is my novel on breastfeeding. I am welcoming all insight or advice, I am starting to lose confidence in myself. Is he just a sick little baby and this is normal to refuse me like this? How can something that brings him such calm be suddenly the thing that makes him scream like that?

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My babes all went through spurts like that, Farren. I'm not saying there's nothing wrong but I think sometimes when they have a bad day and then we get tense they pick up on the tension and it continues/escalates the behavior. Marah is fussy at the breast... she's always been a 'happy spitter' and so I assume there is some reflux-y type issues but for my babies it is normal and likely will be outgrown by 6 mos. To get Marah sometimes to latch and continue nursing (she latches, suckles a bit, pulls off fusses and repeats the cycle a few times until my letdown abates) I rub my finger on her tongue (she'll root for it) and then latch her back on. It's frustrating and tiring sometimes but I know from my own experiences that this too will pass. I hope it's nothing for your little man, just a passing phase. ((Hugs))

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I have a fussy nurser too and pretty sure that she has some type of reflux.  Rachel still gets SO MAD sometimes while nursing, like it is a very unpleasant experience for her.  And the vomitting is a pain.  She usually goes through at least two outfits a day and so do I because of at least one big throw up.  She does spit up more than the other babies too.  I've started to limit my dairy and that has seemed to help her fussiness though it hasn't done much with the throwing up.


Farren, I loved going to LLL meetings when it better worked for my schedule.  So glad that you have found a spot there.

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thankfully, we are all finally better!!!!!!!!! but, the antibiotics have done a number on ian. :( he has had constant diahrrea, i can't even keep a diaper on him! and a terrible rash. i have resorted to wrapping a recieving blanket around him to catch pee/poop and when he does poop, spraying his bottom with water/olive oil mixture and dabbing with a cloth. he is miserable from it. :( we got the antibiotics switched from amoxicillan to zythrimax, but it didnt help.. i know i shouldn't, but i stopped givong it to him. he had about 1/2 round amox and 1/2 round zyth... we have his 3 month wbv tomorrow so i will have them check his ear.. after 48 hours off of all abx he is still a constant stream of poop. and i've been loading him up with probiotics!


but-- its going to be 80 here today, i feel rested after a decent night's sleep, and my sil and nephew are coming over today-- so i'm pretty happy!!!!

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Jodie, I can't believe she has teeth!! Wow!

Farren, how is he doing now? Is/was he arching his back while crying? I would guess it could be a case of him being sick, or it could be reflux. You are clearly working so hard to help him. Don't discount yourself! You're doing everything a mama can! hug.gif

Catie, I'm so glad the infections have passed! Have his stools gotten any better? That sounds miserable! greensad.gif

I just started an abx yesterday after having a tooth extraction. I need to ramp up probiotics, myself, and should probably give Eliana some, too. Last time I took this med (penicillin), I got an awful yeast infection. I'm hoping I was just more prone to it because I was pg. I do NOT want a repeat of that! yikes2.gif

Baby stuff! She's found her toes! And she's rolling! Not all the time, but more and more... She's also chewing and drooling constantly. I've put her amber necklace back on. She's over 11lbs now, though exactly where is so dependent on exactly when one checks it drives me batty. eyesroll.gif She's had fussy times more in the last few days and is NOT liking the car for the greater part. greensad.gif I'm hoping she'll get better at going to sleep in the car so she doesn't cry! Today, I had DS1 showing her pictures from a magazine (he's in the 3rd row, she's in the middle) and that did a good job of distracting her. Whew.

It looks like my DH may be taking a new job. I'm very torn about it. I think it's probably the right thing for him to do, but it will be the first long-term out-of-the-house job he's EVER had - at least, since he moved here to Texas, so most of our relationship and our entire marriage. He worked in an office for 6 months when we moved to CA 6 years ago, but we always knew that was temporary. My boys don't remember him ever not being home on a regular basis! While I realize we're basically totally spoiled to have him around, it's also been a major help because of my own chronic health issues. Still, it's been hard on him in many ways and puts a strain on the family as a whole. Soooo... I think it'll be good for him to get out of the house and have a "real" job with "real" people and an office. And it'll be good if work stays at work and we have his undivided time on the evenings and weekends. And, while the pay is a bit lower and we have no idea how much insurance and such will cut out of that, they're willing to be flexible on his time and allowing us to take trips we need to make (to see my sister and her babies when they're born, etc.). They seem to really want him, which is great! He found out today that the next project his team would be working on with his current company is something he will NOT enjoy, while this new job is something where he'd get a lot of say in what he does and would quickly be moved into a senior position. He's excited about the possibilities.

But, sigh. redface.gif I really hate it when he's not home!

We've also been looking, in the last week, at the possibility of my mom moving back to Ohio to help take care of her mom. It looks like that idea's being shelved, for now, which is something of a relief. My boys would have a hard time with it, and I wonder if having DH going to work full-time would compound that. Less change is good, surely!
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