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Great news...

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Our family is finally about to adopt from Uganda!


I spent a lot of time in this forum over the year we were making the decision to adopt and then in the first couple months as we started our homestudy. We began the process to adopt from Rwanda and then ended up switching to Uganda. We had a referal for a toddler girl in September, however she died in November. After a couple months, we switched from adopting with an agency to adopting indepenently and decided to take a trip to Uganda.


While we were there, we found our girls! We're adopting a 4 month old baby and a 4 year old girl! We are filing papers with the Ugandan courts over the next week and we hope to travel for our court dates in March.


I'm working to induce lactation for baby girl. We're trying to get ready for our girls. This is something I've been dreaming about for a long time, but it is a little overwhelming now that we only have a couple weeks!


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My 2.5 year old adopted daughter is still nursing. It's a great experience. I heard of a family, I think on this site, that went to Africa, I think Rwanda, to pick up their baby. The authorities found out she was going to adoptive nurse so they said she could not adopt. They appealed and a year later were granted the right to adopt, but ended up with a different baby. So, do the lactation work, just find out if you need to wait until you're home before you actually can start nursing. (I hate to sound so gloom and doom at such a wonderful time, that story just really stuck with me.)

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Congrats! May it all go smoothly!  joy.gif

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Sunday Crepes, that family in Rwanda was mine.  I didn't have a referral the first time, so our son is not a different child than we ever had in our hearts!  It all worked out.... but I agree that you never know what the country will make of the lactation business, so I would keep it quiet if I were doing it again.  Even though our denial was not as simple as the lactation business, and they were confused actually by the fact that I lost my son at birth, lost my uterus after bleeding out and then lactated for the adoption.  They thought we were lying as the facts to them didn't add up.  I just think the officials had no context to understand.  


But Sara, congratulations !  This is great news...and keep us posted!  Thinking of you...

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Congrats!  I hope everything is smooth from now on.  How exciting for you!

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Yay!! It must feel good to be making forward motion and getting closer.

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