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What is your favorite cereal?

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My caregiver and I recently went to Trader Joes and she got me the best tasting cereal in the world.  She got me those Barbara's Bakery Puffins cereal.  I have cinnamon and peanut butter flavors.  I especially love the peanut butter flavor.  These ones are good to munch on without milk. They are also wheat free and healthy.


What cereal do you like?



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My homemade granola, with oats, hazelnuts, coconut, sultanas, dried cranberry, and cinnamon and honey.


Bircher muesli with berries and homemade yoghurt.  


Oatmeal porridge with steel cut oats, chopped apple and spices and a little brown sugar. 


Millet porridge. 


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I don't care for cereal but my children love:


Nature's Path Ancient Grains  (it's a granola with almonds, spelt, kamut, khorasan wheat, quinoa & amaranth)


Nature's Path Crunchy Maple Sunrise  (more sweet than the other cereal)


They prefer their cereal dry, without milk.

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OP, it occurred to me that you might be looking for brand names. Mostly, I buy bulk grains and make my own granola, muesli and porridge. I like McCann's Irish steel cut oats. In a pinch, I'll buy Quaker Oats Old Fashioned Oats (not the quick cooking oats) if I can't get to the bulk food store. 


I don't eat boxed cold cereals, so I'm no help there. 


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I like the Puffins an awful lot, too.


Beyond that... Golden Grahams, though I know that's not an MDC approved answer.

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Originally Posted by ocelotmom View Post

I like the Puffins an awful lot, too.


Beyond that... Golden Grahams, though I know that's not an MDC approved answer.

I doubt if anyone is gonna get mad by you saying you like Golden Grahams.  I like Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch too.


My caregiver got me another cereal today, when she went back to Trader Joes to find some Echinecia/Goldenseal (she has a horrible cold right now).  It was Granny Smith Apple Granoal.  This is pretty good, but I like Puffins better.



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We only buy cereal at Trader Joe's, so cheap and so good. I like their raisin bran, high-fiber cereal, shredded wheat squares. The oat bran swirls are really good. All the "clusters" are good, but higher in sugar. I like the puffins, but they leave me feeling hungry again an hour later, I need something with more fiber.
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I love Panda Puffs because they taste better and a much nicer alternative to Captain Crunch's Peanut Butter cereal. My teen loves it too. Also love Cascadian Farms' Honey O's!hippie.gif

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I love Kashi Strawberry Fields, but I eat it dry as a snack.


DS likes Oat Heads Oatmeal.


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I don't look at cereal as a healthy food (see Weston Price and cereal, specifically extrusion process) , so I'm going to go out there and say that Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are my absolute favs. . .late at night, by myself. . .mmmmm. . .I also like Gorilla Munch (as a healthier, maybe, option).


That being said (I haven't actually eaten either of these in about 4 years), I really like to make my own granola for a snack type food and like muesli and Bob's Thick rolled oats.  

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Trader joes Ginger almond clusters and Mcanns steel cut oats
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i have really been going on about oatmeal squares lately.  i add them on top of a bowl of fruit and top with milk and a little homemade granola for the nutrients.

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For breakfast- shredded wheat, granola or raisin bran

For snack- lucky charms, cinnamon toast crunch, frosted flakes (mainly any of the sweet ones!)
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I'm also in the camp that it's not health food... but I like Barbara's Toasted Oat cereal - similar to puffins, but made of oats.  I also like Kashi's Autumn Wheat, I think it's called - the shredded wheat with cinnamon. 


For the healthier stuff, I make my own granola with lots of nuts, or my own hot cereal with whole grains (the one in the crockpot this morning is wild rice, barley, steel cut oats, bulgur, millet, over-ripe bananas from the freezer, cinnamon and candied ginger). 

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I usually eat plain cheerios or Quaker corn bran cereal.

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I don't see cereal as a healthy food either and rarely drink milk but I do love Barbara's shredded oats with some milk, I add cinnamon.  

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I make our own granola with almonds and pecans and dried cranberries. In the mornings I will often have a small bowl of it with a little bit of light cream drizzled over it, just enough to wet it all. So yummy...


Another vote for cereal is not a healthy good. Although my favorite all time cereal is definitely Cinnamon Toast Crunch and yes, I can eat an entire box at once if I really want to.

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I'm trying to cut back on cereal, but after oatmeal (which I don't make that often, because I take a while to get going in the morning), I like Muffets and Spoon size shredded wheat the best. I don't really care for the sweet cereals, anymore, although I used to love them. I suspect I'd still love Alpen, if I ever bought it, but it's too expensive, so I don't.

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My absolute favorite is Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Seed Granola. I'm pretty much addicted to it! 

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My everyday cereal is Bobs Red Mill 7 grain hot cereal with a little brown sugar and soy milk.


Dh and ds eat cold cereal (which I'm not a fan of) and Ds likes Whole Foods Morning O's and loves Gorilla Munch (which is a very occasional "special" treat). Heck I loved Gorilla Munch when pg with him, it was the only breakfast I could keep down at the time. They also like Cascadian Farms multi grain squares and Barbara's wheat squares (honestly I don't know the real name of that one, it's just what we call them).


If I eat cold cereal I'm a fan of granola, Super New England Granola Crunch (it's occasionally in bulk but I can't find it anymore).

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