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My DD is sick and wanting to nurse all the time the past couple of days and it has been sooo painful!  I'll have to try a nettle infusion.  Would love any other suggestions if anyone has any!

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Probably worth mentioning that I'm also drinking a red raspberry leaf and red clover infusion which I know lots of people would frown upon. So I'm not sure how that effects things.  But I did start drinking the infusions while TTC so the cramping that happened when I firsted start drinking the raspberry leaf wasn't whilst pregnant.


I started trying to alternate week about but found that nipples were a bit sore on latch. I normally got this just before period anyhow. I think that during the week when I stopped the nettle and was only on the raspberry leaf and red clover that the latch pain was worse. But not sure :(


I also found that I don't like drinking just one infusion as I go off the taste after a week.


At the minute I'm alternating day about rather than week about as it seems to feel better overall. If I can get another flask I will probably just have one cuppa each daily.


My little nursling has also started STTN which is good but things had been headed that direction for a while.

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Hope your little gets better soon, constant nursing with the searing latch is not good.



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Not an official member of this forum yet but wanted to chime in. Still nursing DD, who is 2.5. Would be fine with tandem nursing, as long as she cuts down- she is a BOOBAHOLIC, literally nurses as much a newborn, and has a fit if told no- she was doing better with waiting and distracting, but she's been simply attatched to me for the past few weeks!


One more thing- a little less than a week after the night this baby would have been concieved, DD pulled off to tell me my "boobies went bad" and my "boobies tasted yucky" and "I had to fix them". She said this repeatedly, even switching sides, and then telling me the same about the other. She said it several times that day but nothing since.


Anyone ever had a nursling notice a change in your milk this early in your pregnancy? She's never said anything like that before, and it was totally outta nowhere.

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xakana - Thanks for the helpful info!


2.5 year old is still nursing, but I'm working on night-weaning since I'm getting so little sleep these days.  It isn't exactly tearless for him, poor boy, but I'm suffering when he wakes at 3 am and then just sleeps restlessly until popping out of bed at 5:30!  I'm also still working now so this sleep thing needs to get better.  I love nursing him and plan to continue for as long as I can through the pregnancy or past it!  I'm glad to hear that supply doesn't go down this early, because I swear it went up as he was gulping for awhile before bed!



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Another mama with a nursling here. DD just turned 21 months and nurses a lot! I am constantly offering her solid foods but she is really not into them. I am torn as to whether trying to gently push from nursing will make her more clingy or get her into eating other foods.


I don't have much pain when nursing her but she is a chronic pincher and my tolerance for that has disappeared because my nipples are much more sensitive. Almost like before my AF...Usually shortly before AF there will be a couple of days where my nipples get very dry and sensitive and crack a little bit, no bleeding but painful. I just nurse through it because my AF usually starts a day or 2 later. Well that happened over a week ago and no AF so just one more little sign that I definitely think I am PG...I honestly can't tell if my boobs feel bigger or fuller or more tender, they never got very painful with my last PG, so we'll see. I would be happy to tandem nurse once new baby comes but I also am somewhat tempted at the idea of weaning DD while PG, if my milk completely dried up I wouldn't be sad I don't think. She is just a crazy nurser, never holds still, wants to change sides constantly etc...

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Oh the twiddlling and constant changing sides sound so familiar. The twiddling was in full swing a few weeks but happily seems to have stopped for now.....

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Aww, my poor nurslings, my supply is already taking a nosedive! I'm only 5 weeks, give or take a day or two, and I've been noticing there's less for a few days. Allie (4) said one night, "hey! there's no milk in here!..But its big!" lol. she expects a ton of milk when they're bigger than usual because of engorgement. the little one has been asking for lots more water and his night time diapers are less wet in the morning since he isn't tanking up on milk all night long. His day time diapers are more or less the same. And ooohhh he's trying to make up for lost volume in frequency! I remember Allie doing this but she was way worse about it. Ahh well, its still early, he still has time to become just as bad as her :P I hope we're paving the way for smooth night weaning. dh usually puts him to bed after I nurse him and give him hugs and kisses and say night night, and usually, when we're going through our hugs and kisses routine.. he starts fussing and crying "bum bum" (his word for nursing.. no idea where he got it unless he's trying to say num num) and signing milk and then cries for a brief minute after I leave the room.. then gets over it and goes to sleep. Well, last night at bedtime he hardly wanted to nurse at all, then seemed impatient for me to hand him over to dh like he was welcoming sleep! Not a single fuss. And he started waking up fussing in the middle of the night but calmed himself down and was back asleep before i even had rolled over and lifted my shirt up. good signs!! i definitely need him sleeping in his own bed without nightwaking before i start getting up to pee 5x a night. He's giving me a glimmer of hope that he's going to cooperate. yay! we're going to start the transition right after we move, which will be shortly after he turns 2.

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I'm breastfeeding my DD (22 months old). I'm really hoping we'll go all the way to tandem. :) At the moment, she's gotten SUPER clingy and she twiddles and OMG when she twiddles I want to DIEEEE right now. I tried to lay down the lay yesterday about twiddling and wound up with a massive headache from her screaming at the top of her lungs and a totally clawed up arm. :( I really wish I had enforced nursing manners better from the start.

I'm picking up a copy of Adventures in Tandem Nursing soon from a friend...but I guess I need to work on distracting myself better or something.

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I'm still nursing my 19mo DD.  While she eats a decent amount of solid food, she still nurses a lot, probably ever 2-3 hours around the clock.  I have noticed her nursing more the past few day and I'm not sure if it's from lower supply or just coincidence.  I will continue to nurse her for as long as she wants and would be happy to tandem-nurse if it goes that way.  So far I don't have any breast-pain whatsoever, which is strange, because my boobs have HURT with my other pregnancies.  I suspect that it'll be coming on any day now as I'm only 4-5 weeks along.

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Still nursing 23 month old DD. We need to do night weaning ASAP but she is so vocal against having DH do anything related to bedtime, so we're hoping to combine getting her own bed with the night weaning. I don't know how possible going tandem will be for us, as I currently only nurse DD from the left breast. She started ignoring the right one at about 9 months. 


I'm hoping night weaning goes well for us, because night-nursing is just unbearable right now. 

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I read your post before noticing your name, and thought "Me too!!"  We were in the Dec 09 DDC together!  :) 


Bethany's 16 months and going strong.  Supply has recently dwindled, either due to pregnancy or a recent stressful weekend, and she's trying to nurse like there's no tomorrow.  It's driving me crazy at night, so now I'm definitely thinking about setting some night nursing limits and thinking of putting her in bed with her brother.  He might kick her to death in his sleep though...lol

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My DS is almost 15 months and I am still nursing. I don't know how long I can keep it up honestly. The night nursing part is driving me nuts lol. I really want to night wean him and 'try' to start the transition to his own bed...but it's not looking promising at this point. I will still nurse him as long as I can and I am open to the idea of tandem nursing when the baby comes.


The main thing I am concerned about is getting him into his own bed at night, and right now because he nurses like 5728365975920 times a night, it's really hard.


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It felt like the second I got the BFP, DS (2.5) wanted to nurse constantly and became a lot more clingy.  I actually think my supply started to go up then.  Now, at only 5 weeks, he's starting to nurse less.  So far not too much pain!  I'd like to go all the way through pregnancy if I can so he's not forced to wean. 

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I am still nursing my 18 month old and I just found out I am pregnant a few days ago.  I would love to nurse him as long as possible but I am a bit worried because of my history of irritable uterus and preterm labor w/ my first baby (I was on bedrest from 23 wks along w/ meds.)  I have noticed some soreness at latch but have not noticed a drop in supply..yet.  My son has an immune disorder yet he has been so well so I attribute that to him still nursing and that is why I would like to keep nursing, if possible. 

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Ugh. Looks like I spoke too soon- soreness kicked in, big time. Kind of like when I first started nursing, after the worst part of it but when it was still quite painful. To top it off, DD is a constant nurser ... if I could just get her to cut down/cut out night nusing, it'd be so much better  :/  But I'm sure we'll nurse through, because she's so darn attatched to it, it would be traumatic to wean (and not what I want for her) and I don't want her having that trauma and then- look! The new baby gets boobies!

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why do dr's say no nursing?


i'm nursing my 2.5 dd morning, after school, and night. she loves it. and cannot get to sleep by herself. around 5am if i don't nurse, she will cry and toss until we are all up.


so far, 2 different dr's and the nurses have all told me i have to wean asap?  why?

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I'm hoping to tandem here.  This will be #3.  DS 1 weaned himself when I was about 16 weeks along with #2, but he was never super attached to nursing.  #2 is way into it (mostly just in the mornings though, he crawls into bed with us and nurses for about 30 minutes).  He'll be three in May and has yet to complain about anything.  I have luckily not had any pain with it.  During my chemical pregnancy last month it was pretty painful and I wasn't sure I could make it through.


So, we'll see how it all plays out!

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why do dr's say no nursing?


i'm nursing my 2.5 dd morning, after school, and night. she loves it. and cannot get to sleep by herself. around 5am if i don't nurse, she will cry and toss until we are all up.


so far, 2 different dr's and the nurses have all told me i have to wean asap?  why?

Because they're completely uneducated and probably don't even see the value in nursing past 12 months in the first place :( Ignorance. 


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Ds2 is 20 mos and still nursing. I hope he keeps nursing until 2, but I secretly (or not so secretly lol) hope he'll sort of self wean shortly after that. I'll probably help things along in a very gentle way, by using distraction and "don't offer, don't refuse." I'm open to tandem nursing though. I guess I'll just see how I feel, and how ds2 feels, and go from there.

Ds1 nursed until 3.75yo. I can't imagine I'll go that far again, because it sucked. Of course, it may be different this time- when ds1 was 3yo, I cut him DOWN to nursing 10 times a day. And it involved crying to get down to 10 times a day. Ds2 doesn't seem to "need" to nurse as badly as ds1 did, so I think he'll be nursing a lot less when he's 2-3yo.

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I just got my BFP and I'm still nursing my 16 month old.


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