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make felted wool balls?

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Any ideas on how to begin? good resources for wool cards? sounds easy -
cold water
hot water

but that's all I could find

Thanks for your help!

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Hi there. I make mine with a felting needle and for me it's sooo much easier. I get a really good size wad of wool and tie it into a knot. Then, using the needle I poke the loose ends into the knot until it starts to form a ball. I continue to poke all around the ball making it as round as possible ( this can take a bit , like maybe 2o minutes ? ). I then get a small piece of wool usually another color and thin it out over the ball and start gently poking it and soon it's applied and secure. The poking is the key. Then I just continue as much as I want with as many colors as i want. You can decide how big you want the ball by how big the knot is. If you want you can just wad up some wool and start poking to form a ball by turning it as you poke. I tell you it's so easy ! You can manipulate what you are working on so easily. And if you mess up just take your needle and gently pull out the piece you messed up on. So forgiving. You might be able to get a felting needle at your local waldorf school or if you want I can get info for you to order from a catalog. It's a great medium !
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Hey , i'm in the N.W too !
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Though I have never made them, I have always wanted to give it a whirl. This link has other good resources too...http://gfwsheep.com/feltballs/feltballs1.html She gives directions about making the balls in the washer as well as by hand. I have seen these directions in a couple of felting books too.
I really should motivate and try it myself!
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imkissinboys - where are you at? maybe we could felt someday

ma2maya - What a great site, I wonder why it wasn't googled?!
You picked a wonderful name for your daughter/son..lol

I just emailed them about rovings, and will check with Seattle Waldorf...

Like I need a new project! lol

woohooooo! no more plastic balls in my house.

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I'm in portland. I think you're in seattle right ? If you are ever in the neighborhood let me know. I'll get the tea on and a felting we will go.
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My name is Maya...lol
What are your names?

I will be in Portland for a stamping expo soon, maybe we can do a felt stop too..

I found some great roving online, so the addiction begins!

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I've tried a couple, and I thought it was pretty easy. The first one I did, I just fluffed up a small pile of white roving and stuck it in the toe of an old stocking, then working over the bathroom sink with some soapy water in the basin, I dipped it, agitated it with cupped hands, with a little soapy water until it got to the hardness/roundness that I wanted (loosen the stocking from it a couple of times or it'll felt to the ball). Then I made a thin batt of some nice colors and lightly felted around it. It becomes like a loose skin that's not attached to the ball, but you keep working it evenly, and eventually it snugs up and tightens around the ball. Very coooool.

The second time I made one I skipped the stocking and just worked with my hands, and thought that was better. I've made a couple since then without any troubles...in about 1/2 hour or so.

The biggest problem is trying not to get little wads or flaps of felt on the outer layer, and keeping the outer layer even enough so you don't get thin spots. The nicest thing is that if you screw up a little, you can just add another layer and cover it again until you get it the way you want, or run out of wool!!!

I also bought a kit for $10 including shipping on ebay from someone, but I never used it. It looks great and has enough plain roving and assorted colors to make 3 small balls, plus instructions. I can't find the info in my email, but I can look at the kit if anyone is interested in the seller's info for that--PM me!
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(I'm in Redmond!)

My source for roving is Weaving Works in the U-District. bins of every color and quality imagined. Buy what you need (buy more than you think you'll need...)

We always felt by hand-form a ball, and gently toss it from hand to hand in/over warm sudsy water. Not too sopped wet! Use your hands to smooth over any bits that get lumpy. Kids enjoy it too (helps to start it for them). Very therapeutic and messy!

I use my felting needle to repair felted items that get too fuzzy...
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