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Woudl you let your toddler wear footie pajamas to Target? - Page 2

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I def. agree with all the PP. that say this is not a battle to pick. My 3 yo rarely changed out of his jammies at. all. during the day, including trips. Obviously he wants to be comfortable, and I could care less what he looks like. If he doesn't wear shoes, though, no walking, he has to ride in the cart.

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Team Jammies. I gave up a long time ago, lol. 

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Of course.  But then, I'm someone who feels okay wearing yoga pants to the grocery store.

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My 4 year old has worn pjs (cotton 2-piece type) to trader joe's many afternoons after his nap.  I agree, not worth fighting about.  When he's done it, he usually gets a lot of attention from the workers while he's pushing his little cart walking around in pjs!  He actually hasn't done this too recently, used to do it more often.  If you can get your shopping done, who cares what they're wearing-as long as they're warm enough, like others have said. 

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I wouldn't make a big deal out of it with my daughter.  As long as it was safely weather-appropriate and she had shoes, I'd let her wear the PJs.  I might mention that a lot of people think wearing PJs to Target looks silly, but if she doesn't care, I don't care.

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Can I ask why all of you said as long as she wore shoes? My toddler barely ever wears shoes...Just if she's walking around outside, and even then she still doesn't as long as the ground is ok...She's much more happier wearing just something on her feet like footie jammies or just socks. Is this a danger or germ thing?

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i would not let my toddler wear pajamas to a store, but i wouldn't think badly of someone who did. 

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I probably wouldn't care, but if you had already decided to tell her firmly that she needed to change then I think it's important to stick to it. I think it's usually a bad idea to give in once a kid starts arguing about it-- especially with younger kids not yet capable of understanding why a parent might reasonably change her mind (that it's not because throwing a fit works).


On the other hand, there are many places it would not be appropriate to wear jammies to, so you will want to think about making it clear why jammies in Target are ok, since there will probably be other times when this comes up that you will really not be ok with it.

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I wouldn't fight over it.  I would put boots on over the footies and a coat/jacket and go.  No biggie.  In our house in the past, it's been treat to go out with jammies on... when there was still a Blockbuster in town, we would bathe them, put on jammies, and run out to Blockbuster in crocs and jammies (them, not us) and maybe in to Jewel for some ice cream or something.  Fun times!  :)


Whatever you decided is just fine, momma.  I would depend on the weather, etc.   

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My 2yo wore jammies to the grocery store just the other day after a similar battle. Not one worth fighting here!

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I agree with most of the PP--pajamas are fine, but shoes required if she's walking.  My 3.5 year old DD went to go pick up dinner with Daddy the other day in pajamas and pink cowboy boots!


Back before I gave up, and when getting DD dressed was a major struggle, I used to just put her to bed in regular clothes so she'd already be dressed and we could avoid the fight.

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Jammies all the way. One of the joys of childhood, IMO, is being able to wear footie jammies in public.  Cozy and comfortable.

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I too have decided not to fight this particular battle.  It's varied from my 3-year-old only wearing the same set of clothes for days on end, to only wearing pajamas, to only wearing footie pajamas.  Sometimes, if it really matters, I negotiate, but generally I let it go.  I figure it's her body, so it's her right to decide what to put on it.


Besides, she's freaking adorable wandering around in her "bear bottom" button-flap pajamas.  Sometimes with a crown.  Because that's how she rolls.

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My 3yro wears his costumes and PJ's all day! I do not see anything wrong with it. Though he does wear his regular clothes when we do go places when he knows if we're going eat out to lunch or out of the house all day. But I think it's ok for them to wear what they want when we go to the grocery store or a quick run to walmart or target.

I let him pick his clothes most of the time, and he has no color coordination or fashion sense I want him to be able to express himself as best as he can. He does have the Super Why face mask that he insists on wearing cause he tells me, "all superheros need to protect their identity". biglaugh.gif  So I just let him be, cause once I tried to make him take off the mask he screamed for 4 hours!! NEVER AGAIN!  His latest fascination is swim goggles!

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My 2-year-old frequently wears footie pjs to Target, and all the heck elsewhere too.  All day even.  I can't imagine forcing this.

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I wouldn't worry about it. I once let DD2 (she was 3 years old at the time) wear a flannel Kermit the Frog costume (footed, with a hood) to the beach, on a hot day in August. I try not to pick battles unless there's a clear, compelling reason. And to me, at this age, it doesn't seem like an issue.
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I would have no problem with this. She'd ride in the cart and I wouldn't give a flip about anyone else's opinion. 

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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post

Of course.  But then, I'm someone who feels okay wearing yoga pants to the grocery store.

That's not allowed? hide.gif I'm in big trouble, then. 'Cause I went to the grocery store in flannel pj bottoms, a hoodie sweatshirt, and felt clogs, just last week. lol.gif
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I do NOT get into battles about clothing, unless it's something innapropriate for the weather (in which case I'll let the child wear what he or she wants and then pack appropriate clothing for when the child gets too cold or too hot.) I once let DS wear a "jack o lantern" dress to (Orthodox Jewish) preschool when he was 3! I packed his regular clothes in his backpack and he came home wearing them, with the dress in the backpack. (We'd been going through the costume box before Purim and he found DD2's old Halloween costume.) Another time (when he was about 7) he wanted to wear a superhero costume to the store in 90 degree heat. I let him, but insisted he have shorts and  a T shirt underneath (not just underwear) so he could take the costume off when he got too hot.


If the child was too old to carry, I'd make him or her wear shoes over the footie pajamas for safer walking in the parking lot. Other than that, I would let it go.


Eventually kids reach an age where they care about fashion and don't want to be seen in public in pajamas or silly costumes. Enjoy toddlerhood while it's here.

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Wow. I am really surprised about the clear consensus that it's perfectly OK to let a toddler go to the store in PJs. It's true that there is nothing inherently unsafe about it. None of the other shoppers will be offended. And your day will go on as usual. 


But, my gosh, isn't our job to teach our children what is socially acceptable and "right"? How would you feel if your child was 12 and wanted to go out in PJs? Or 17? I know that's a trend right now, and maybe this is why.... Were all these PJ wearing college aged children coddled as toddlers and never taught that there are "outside" clothes and "inside" clothes?


Furthermore, a child asserting themselves over an issue like this just needs some kind of small choice in the matter. Example of how to usually kill this kind of "battle";


"You want to wear your PJs to the store, but you are not allowed to since those are inside cloths. You may pick which outside pants to wear; red or blue."


I believe it is NEVER too early to teach manners, respect and social responsibilities. If you don't teach them this stuff when they're 2, when DO you teach it?


Sincerely, mother of a 5yo boy who still calls his jeans "outside pants". And daycare provider of children ages 1 to 7.

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