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Hey everyone,

Well me and my partner have been together for 3 years now and she is eager to have a child.
We plan to marry in the next few months I have a great job working for the state, and Im going back to school soon. I really love her and I'm ready to settle down and have a baby. We moved out of state together about 6 months ago so that we could have a fresh start at life. So far we have agreed on home insemination, She's going to carry the baby. I am one of the few fortunate people to have a very accepting family who "WANTS GRAND KIDS" lol. Im looking for some advise on how we should go about things and some guidance from lesbian couples who have children.

i know I am only 19 but I am sure this is what we want.

I posted this same thread in queer parenting and received no advise just words of "your to young"

me and my partner both have great jobs, I work for the state she works in food service. We both live on our own in Florida away from our hometown (New York). I love the job I have i just finished off paying off my school tuition i owed and i plan to go back sometime in the future.

I'm just looking for support and ways to further educate myself on home insemination.

Not "your too young"

I've accomplished in my 19 years what people older then me have not. So please don't judge me.