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starts tonight... anyone watching with me??

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ME!!  I was just coming to post this!

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there are two girls on from my area - one from Boca Raton - where I live... and one from ft. lauderdale which is about a half an hour south of here.....

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They just did a casting call here for the next cycle, I'd love to see a local girl!  Chelsea from the last cycle was from nearby and I really wanted her to win.

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So, thoughts?


I really like Britni and Molly.  Definitely my favorites at this point. 


Why is there always a girl who thinks she has the whole thing in the bag because she has experience?  Do they not watch the show before they go on and see that that girl always gets booted early on?

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Raise your hand if  you laughed when she said, "I know you girls like A. Wang"

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I like dominique's face (those freckles!) so I'm glad she won a reprieve....


I liked the photo shoot....the pictures were beautiful.


I am not sure if I like how they started it - tricking BOTH sets of girls seemed awfully unfair - especially the ones that really did go home

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Subbing- just got to watch it tonight.  That runway challenge was ridiculous!!  Not only on a 12 inch runway, but over water, and IN A HUGE PLASTIC BUBBLE???  And the audience just laughing as they humiliated themselves by falling in and floundering all over,  oh my!!


Tyra looks great this season! 


The backstage photos were great, love how they were not as posey.  I think Kasia def. had the weakest photo; she should have been out based on that, and her walk was weird. 

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I am in.  No front runners for me yet - although some are more memorable than others.

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I'm watching. I'm SO glad they started it the way they did this year without all the hoopla leading up to the top 14. I also felt bad for the girls who were tricked into thinking they made it. How mean!

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Originally Posted by Monarchgrrl View Post

I'm watching. I'm SO glad they started it the way they did this year without all the hoopla leading up to the top 14. I also felt bad for the girls who were tricked into thinking they made it. How mean!

i agree about the 14 that didn't make it!  my sister had an interesting thought though... maybe they're already models and were in on it?  that makes me feel a little bit better!


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They've done that before with some real models mixed in with the contestants

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This show is starting to wear on me.  I don't know how much longer I can stand watching it.  The first episode was mean.  Tricking the girls was not cool and neither was making them walk in a bubble on a 12" runway.  Ridiculous.  I thought the whole draw a picture workshop was cheesy.  "You have a baby face!"  *sobs* It is delusional to think that this is something to cry about in the real world.  Maybe I'm just old and cynical.  LOL.

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DD and I could not watch that part. We turned it off.  It is the only time I have turned off ANTM.  I do not really like to see a bunch of strangers confronting their issues on TV.  I don't think it is a bad idea (to have the girl confront their inner critics before the modelling season really begins)  - I just do not want to see it.

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I didn't really enjoy the "inner voice" session either. 


Can I just say that I really dislike Alexandria? 


Next week is makeovers!  That's always a great episode.

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oh I actually thought this activity was meaningful and helpful to them... and it may have brought them closer too? hopefully b/c that might mean less fighting in the house...

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have you noticed how last season everyone was best friends? it seems like they brought the drama back this yr with alexandria i really like britni an molly but poor molly and that horrid weave

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I really wish Alexandria would take some crappy pictures and they'd send her home.  I'm sure she'll stick around just for the drama factor though.



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Oh yes, Alexandria is not a favorite of mine for sure.  She'll stick around for awhile I bet like Melrose did way back when.

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Tyra told her to stop stirring things up...I'm trying to remember if she usually gets involved like that right away?

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