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You didn't say how much meat you are buying/using. Can you cut the portions or eliminate it from some meals completely? You could still buy the quality you like, just less of it. WF has some great deals on organic non-meat protein sources too.

This may sound silly but do you have Facebook? I'm a fan or like or whatever it's called now of my local WF. I get to see their daily deals and specials without having to go to the store. 

I don't know how much money you need to save but it sounds like you might be able to just add a trip to the other grocery for your non-organic needs and you'll go back to the amount you were paying last year which you seemed fine with. I love WF and buy a lot there but there are just some things that they overprice so so so much I just can't justify buying it there. 

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Is it possible to talk with your dh about the habit of saying "let's just buy it while we're here" rather than planning to get specific items at the other store because of cost? I shop similar to the way you do -- certain items from certain stores, because of quality and price -- but whenever dh and I go shopping together, we somehow end up spending way more than we meant to. More on impulse purchases and treats, more on "let's just get it while we're here" type items. So our solution was just to not shop together! You'd be surprised how much that helped our food bill. :lol:

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Yeah, I think the issue is pretty easy to solve. You buy your meats at WF. And when your DH says that he doesn't want to do a separate shop, you remind him that this is how the budget got out of control. Then you guys all suck it up and run to the grocery store.


Other options to consider:

  • Get more at WF at a time (do a monthly shop, for example - you can freeze the meat)
  • If the grocery store and WF are not near each other, consider whether it would make more sense to not do these trips on the same day?
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It may also be worth presenting your dh with an itemized list of the items he wants to buy at WF and their prices and put it against the same list priced at the other grocer.  Then annualize it.  Then he can actually see just how much is disdain of adding an extra stop is costing your family.  Since he's willing to look at numbers, this might be helpful and convincing for him.

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You need a family rule that the only things you buy at WF are meat and cheese or whatever. Nothing else. No impulse spending no looking around no trials nothing.


In our case, we actually save some money buy shopping there because we never buy x 3 oz $17 rainforest crunch or whatever. There meat is much cheaper than our farmer's market, organic dairy is generally cheaper than a conventional grocery store, etc. We buy mostly organic and conventional grocery story pricing on those products is INSANE.

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I largely gave up on buying meat from most stores.  Instead, I buy it from the local meat processor (yep, they do in the animals right there) and I arrange to get meat from an animal raised by a rancher I consider ethical. It isn't necessarily organic, but it is pastured and the quality is great. By buying in bulk I can get a half cow and a pig cut and wrapped as I request and I'm set for a long while.  Chicken is something I buy as it's available from local sources- always whole birds because they are so much more economical.  I currently have about 6 chickens and a turkey in the freezer as well. 


It is an up front cost, but by eliminating meat from our normal grocery shops, we save money in the long term. 

This. Kind of. We don't have a freezer so I just go to our farmer's market each week and buy hormone/antibiotic pastured meat. It's not organic but it's affordable (similar to supermarket meat not on sale) and ethical.

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