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Are Used Mattresses Gross?

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So, DDs need mattresses.  Right now they are sleeping of foam mattresses that are, maybe, 5 inches thick and they're just not cutting it any more.  But we can't afford new mattresses, at least the ones I've found.  So, surfing on craigslist, I found some cheap/free ones but can't get past the icky feeling over used mattresses.  Are they gross to you?  Would you get a used mattress for your kids?

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I wouldn't, especially with the bed bug issues out there.  I'm not easily squicked out, but I couldn't do it.  What about Ikea?  They are pretty cheap. 

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Yeah, I'm not easily grossed out either, so was wondering if I was justified in being grossed out by used mattresses LOL.  DD1 has had a very nasty case of impetigo from bedbug bites from a crappy hotel, so yes, bedbugs creep me out big time.  And wouldn't you know, we were just at Ikea on Sunday (2.5 hours away) and didn't think to look for mattresses.  Doh!

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I think it depends on who had the mattress before. Are you getting it from a frat house or a brothel? A nice family who's kids have outgrown their bunk beds and want a larger bed? I would ask to come over and see the mattress before making any commitments, but I wouldn't completely rule it out as a possibility. Our guest room has a really nice mattress set we bought used, and one of my boys has a mattress that we bought "used" even though it had never been slept on. Both were great finds!

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Yeah I'd probably go for new.  My kids are both using mattresses that dh and I had (individually) when we go married.  I'm not totally opposed to used, but it would depend on where they came from.

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If you are buying from a second hand store, then the mattress will have been cleaned & certified before it is able to be sold.  I wouldn't do craigslist probably unless you are desperate.  You can probably get a new twin brand name like Sealy or Serta from a box club for less than $100.  Or look at a mattress store for a buy one get one free sale. 

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I think it's gross, but I'm grossed out pretty easily.

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I use to have little problems with it, but now with bed bugs...NOPE!!  That mattress could cost me more than it is worth. 

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Um, yes they are. The Gods only know what someone has done on that mattress!


Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.

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I would never dare to buy a used mattress with the bed bug problem, and I actually refuse to buy DS a "regular" new mattress because I am also squicked out by chemicals in mattresses.  We have an organic king size mattress in my bedroom, and I can't bring myself to buy a bed for DS until I can afford a healthy one for him.  Right now he has a pile of blankets that are folded in the general shape of a toddler bed with a sheet over them.  If he ever wants to sleep in there, they will do the trick for the time being.

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My kids AND my DH and I have had used mattresses before.  Usually not even from craigslist - we picked them up from the curb on garbage night.  Ours usually came from a neighborhood that was mainly elderly people, and the condition of the mattresses usually suggested that they were from spare rooms.


But, that was also before bedbugs were EVERYWHERE, and now even we (who have dumpster dove food and furniture for years) are squicked out by used mattresses - you can get nice clean ones from craigslist - a lot of times they're just outgrown, or they're upgrading, and there's nothing wrong with said mattress.


If you're still feeling squicked out though, if you have a Value City Furniture near you, they have layaway and reasonably priced mattresses.  :)   We actually just went to a TINY little local mattress store and picked up nice twin mattresses for under $100 a piece.  We had to save for over a month to swing it, but the guy there was super helpful and his prices were ridiculously low.

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Originally Posted by MusicianDad View Post

Um, yes they are. The Gods only know what someone has done on that mattress!


Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.

yeahthat.gif cold.gif

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I'd go for a $100 twin sized, new mattress over a used one that you don't know the history of.  I could see if it were a family member's, and you knew it sat in a guest room, or something.

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When I was young and poor I bought used from the thrift store.  They most definitely were not cleaned before being sold and were generally lumpy and unsupportive. 


I would have to be desperate to do that now.  I'd worry about bedbugs, not to mention who knows what else is on them.  If it were from a source I trusted I might be okay with it but not from a random source.


In summary, they used to be acceptable to me but not anymore.

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I buy EVERYTHING used.


EVERYTHING except mattresses.  Even when we were dirt poor we saved up the $300 while sleeping on the floor to get a new mattress.

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I've only had used mattresses for the past ten years. I considered it safer than the chemical-laden new mattresses. That being said- I only obtained them from people we sorta knew. I would never get a used mattress from a stranger.

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when in temp housing, we went with unfurnished unit and went to ikea.


we got 3 of the cheapest foam twin mattresses that we just put on the floor.  i slept great.


i think they were about $150

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My gut reaction is that it's gross, but I guess every time we stay in a hotel we sleep on a used mattress...

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Are bedbugs seriously that common? I remember hearing about them spreading through dorms in a couple places, but I wasn't under the impression it was such an epdidemic?

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You can get great futon mattresses for a fraction of the cost of reg mattresses/box spring.  Our futon mattresses are all 11 layers thick and made specifically for a bed not a bed/sofa frame.

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