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Though there are no studies to demonstrate this, the research I've done indicates that there is currently no reason to believe that maca is unsafe for nursing. It is a food, not a drug, so in moderate amounts I have come to believe I can take it while breastfeeding, which I do -- up to 1 tsp./day. It is said to even increase milk supply. I haven't noticed this myself, but I certainly don't have supply issues : )  I add it to smoothies all the time and don't taste it, possibly because I always put in a fresh orange. I've found orange juice can mask the flavour of almost anything.

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I think I will try your organ meat trick!

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I throw in a handful of parsley in my green smoothies. The smoothie does end up having a slight parsley flavour. But after this type of green smoothie I immediately feel much more energetic and happy. If I do workout then those workouts are much more intense. I don't know what it is about parsley, but I have done comparisons with smoothies with parsley and without. Parsley makes me feel great.

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My kids love:
Chia seeds
water (since we are dairy free)
handful of spinach
little maple syrup
camu camu fruit powder (if we need a vit c boost)
and not always a swirl of cashew butter
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treeoflife3: i've recently heard a lot about sunfood green powder supplement.  it looks amazing!  do you give this to your young children?

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Kind of.  I share my smoothies with her so she (2yo) gets some, but she doesn't eat much smoothie at a time yet.  I also only use the 2tsp serving the label indicates but the smoothie usually ends up a lot bigger than a serving (I can't make small amounts hahaha)


The label says that for some people, it can cause them to detox so maybe it would be an issue for some little kids?  I also still nurse her and neither of us have had any issues... unless you count feeling better during the day whenever I have a smoothie for breakfast haha

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treeoflife3: i've recently heard a lot about sunfood green powder supplement.  it looks amazing!  do you give this to your young children?


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@MsSJ and I both throw in an avocado for a smooth and rich smoothie.


The base that I like is usually water, but will sometimes use raw goat's milk (protein and beneficial fats), yogurt or almond/coconut milk (homemade). Then I will place in a few servings of greens, usually organic spinach or locally grown kale.


Turmeric and cinnamon work well for antioxidants (I place a little black pepper in the smoothie, which you can't taste, to aid the absorbability of the anti-inflammatory agents in the turmeric).


Coconut oil is another thing I add to stave off hunger, help keep my blood sugar stable and to keep my metabolism up. Adding a raw egg from locally and organically raised hens is a good option too, if you feel this is the way to go for you. Whey protein powder from grass fed cows might be another option to add if you feel it is safer for your young child.


Stevia usually sweetens the entire green smoothie, or sometimes I will add fruit if I'm up for it. A banana, or cherries, can help bring up the sweetness. I might even add some peanut butter or almond butter to up the protein and the taste. 

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healthy advocate -- where do you get whey protein powder from grassfed cows?

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That reminds me..another thing  I put inot smoothies is Mineral Matrix which is made from dehydrated goats whey


They also have a whey protein powder

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healthy advocate -- where do you get whey protein powder from grassfed cows?

Hi vetabeth,


Swanson health brand products carry whey protein powder from grass fed cows, as does Dr. Mercola. Usually I order it online, but sometimes you can find it at health food stores or grocery stores that have natural sections. 

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i'm trying to get back into smoothies. another option to add protein is Jensen gelatin (from mostly grassfed cows!). i've heard good things about parsley in the smoothie, gotta try it! i suppose it has to be fresh to have that energizing effect, all i have at the moment is dried. must remember to pick some up.


our smoothies:

fruit: usually berries. sometimes mango, banana, or apple

liquid: yogurt, kefir, coconut milk or coconut water

protein: gelatin, sometimes egg yolk when my hens are laying good

veg: spinach usually, recently tried kale too. want to try parsley. also need to try kelp and alfalfa. thinking of getting a greens powder for the times when i'm out. a few years ago i tried garden of life perfect food powder and thought it was nasty (just mixed w/water, wasn't doing smoothies then) so i fed it to my chickens. so wish i had it now. live and learn.

misc (one or more of these, depending on mood): raw honey, stevia, raw cocoa, probiotics, bee pollen, oj concentrate, coconut spread or coconut oil

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Remember bee pollen! Amazing stuff.

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I make either a keifer/yogurt based smoothie or a greens smoothie.  When I use greens, i don't use dairy.  I just don't love that combination of dairy and greens.  For the green smoothie I use spinach, dandelion, beet greens, chard  or mustard greens, a little water or orange or apple juice and some fruit - banana or blueberries and then some ice.  Sometimes a little coconut milk for fat


One keifer smoothie that my son LOVES is the "milkshake".  I only make it once in a while as it's pretty rich, but it is SO GOOD!!:   Homemade whole milk keifer or coconut keifer, coconut water and coconut cream, a big scoop of homemade balinese cashew butter (just cashews in the food processor with a few drops of water), a scoop of almond butter or peanut butter, cacao powder, a little honey (optional), frozen banana and flax seed oil.   It tastes like a chocolate peanut butter coconut milkshake! 

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elizabeth2008-thats pretty  much what we do as well: a green smoothie with just greens and fruit and then a "milk smoothie", but your milkshake sounds great!  


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This is what we do:




few handfuls of fresh chopped berries: we like blue berries and strawberries


few chunks of apple or fresh mango






raw honey


and lots of organic spinach


We normally use apple juice to mix it all up. But I have also been known to make myself a 'breakfast smoothie' with milk or almond milk, but to do this I would tweek the recipe first to make it more 'breaskfast-y and maybe through in a raw egg as well. I also LOVE throwing in just a few very fresh mint leaves into my morning smooties. This adds a great, fresh taste and gives me a bit of a pick-me-up.


We switch our greens out every few weeks or so..as to not get to bored with the taste.


Smooties are so fun!  You get to play around with your foods and customize the taste and nutrition to you and your family. We also use different smooties when we are sick, to give us certin vitamen boosts, to help our bodies heal. :)



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Have you heard of Shakeology?  It is loaded with all kinds of herbs, superfoods, greenfoods, probiotics, enzymes, protein, and fiber.  I've made my own smoothies for my husband for years using fresh fruit and almond milk, and various superfoods, but he raves about how he feels drinking a Shakeology smoothie.  I've seen some good results with other folks too.  So, that is our new staple.  You might be interested in trying it.  When I make it, I add almond milk and fresh or frozen fruit.




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Just noticed that a lot of your smoothie's are filled with sugary things... and also kefir. That makes it the perfect opportunity to make the smoothies a day in advance and let it ferment for a while before eating. That will get rid of some of the sugar and also boost the probiotic content.

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