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Experiences with Anterior Placenta?

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A thread in my DDC prompted me to read through my u/s report and it says I have an anterior placenta. That explains why I didn't feel movement until much later than my first.  I'm assuming my first dc's placenta was posterior but I don't know for sure. I had a very fast, easy labor, she was in a great position, and a home birth. When going over my u/s report my midwife didn't even mention my placenta other than to express happiness that there was no previa.


I know there aren't any huge worries with anterior placenta (no previa and it isn't even low-lying) but I have read that it can make babe more likely to be posterior or possibly breech. Just looking for some experiences (hopefully positive) on how you felt it did/didn't affect labor?



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I have an anterior placenta, I'm 37weeks, 4 days, so no labor yet, but he seems to be in a perfect anterior position (though it's a little harder for me to tell because of having to feel through the placenta.) he was posterior for a while, but lots of pre-labor contractions have him positioned better now. 

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no issues here. i had a gorgeous labour and birth. 

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I had an anterior placenta, and the same fears about a posterior baby. She hung out in a transverse position until about 28-29 weeks and then was head down until delivery. She did not end up being a posterior babe at delivery, though she did spend some time in the third tri belly up.


Sending you anterior, vertex vibes mama . . . .

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I had anterior placentas with several pregnancies -


baby #2 came out anterior

baby #3 was OP

baby #4 was asynclitic

baby #5 was anterior

baby #6 was transverse in active labor, got a c/s. Don't think placental position had much to do with it though.

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In your DDC :) also with an anterior placenta. I had regular, quick deliveries and no posterior babes and no back labor with four of them. The second of the twins came out 'sunny side up' aka posterior with a face presentation. But I don't know that it had to do with the placenta. She just came out fast right after her brother and I didn't push long and I think she didn't have time to move into a great position. I also experienced no back labor or any extra pain with the posterior delivery.

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Thanks for the input and good vibes mamas :) Yes, CrunchyClark, it was your thread in our ddc that prompted my question lol I know anterior placenta isn't a big deal but I fear this terrible 'back labor' people talk about and longer labor etc because of it possibly making posterior positioning more of a possibility, especially given we are going for a UC.


I'm just not gonna worry about it lol Thanks again!

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I think it's great that you want to surround yourself with positive experiences but I also think you should arm yourself with information and techniques should you find yourself in not as wonderul a situation in labour. Perhaps some exercises you can do starting now, or positions you can get into in labour to encourage baby to turn anterior or at least take some pressure off your back. Standing & leaning forward with hands on a table, or down on all fours, cat/cow yoga pose, things like that.


I had an anteror placenta & my baby was posterior this time. I'll spare you the details here, but if you want to read my birth story, it's here


Remember things don't always go as we plan, or hope.

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Thanks for your input Amanda. I appreciate your perspective and I understand things don't always go the way we plan but I'm just really preparing for the best. I've been reading up on optimum positioning techniques and plan on utilizing them -- but at the same time, I'm not going to go into this with worry, fear, or any kind of anxiety. A big part of this UC journey has been releasing fears and trusting my body and God (ymmv) and just believing everything will go as it should and me and my baby will be protected either way.


Congrats on your brand new babe, I read the birth story and he is just gorgeous! :)

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1st child: posterior placenta, posterior babe with a long uncomfortable labor.

2nd child: anterior placenta (felt much less movement), well positioned babe with an 'easy' labor and a pushing stage that lasted three contractions and took no work on my part.


So, there's my experience fwiw!



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I mentioned on the June DDC that I also have an anterior placenta, my first. I have read about anterior placentas more commonly resulting in a posterior baby. Anyway, I have had a posterior baby, over 10lbs. It was a bit harder pushing, but really not a big deal. She did turn at the end of labor from anterior to posterior.

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Thanks so much for your input Annnabelle :)

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