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Pelvic "vibrations"

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I know this sounds nuts but Ive been feeling my uterus vibrate. I feel like I have a cell phone texting me about where my left ovary is! I read about this online last night that some women experience this when the expanding uterus presses on a nerve. However, when I asked one of the obgyns I work with about this he looked at me like I had 2 heads! This is my 3rd baby (11weeks!) and I don't recall ever feeling this before...anyone else have these as well?

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I have never felt a vibration before either! This is my 3rd as well and I have already started to feel some movement of the baby which is like 2 weeks earlier than last pregnancy. Could it be strange gas pains? Obviously I have no idea! Please think positive thoughts about this and all will be well!

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I've been feeling something like that on my right side.  I'm pretty sure it's gas :)  I've been really bloated for a couple of days.

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I can feel my intestines twitch on my left side sometimes.  It might be what your talking about hitting a nerve and it starts to twitch?

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I'm not too worried about it but I was curious if anyone else felt this phantom "cell phone" from within! :) Its so odd! It happens ALL day long. A couple of times an hour. Ive felt movement once already and to double check I wasn't losing my mind I found some great clips on youtube of ultra sounds at 11 weeks with the babies doing gymnastics in there! Gas can feel like kicking too, that I know, but the buzzing....now that's new! :) How fun is this!

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I absolutely, completely, positively know what you are talking about. In fact, the reason that I went and bought an hpt was because I felt the "buzzing" sensation just above my pubic bone, and all of a sudden I had a memory of that same sensation the last time I was pregnant 6 years ago. It was like a lightbulb went on and I just knew. I googled it and read that it is probably the uterus expanding. It is a really odd sensation and really feels strange. I kind of remember having it occur every once in a while throughout my last pregnancy. I never really worried about it.

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