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Slightly freaking out....

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My son (15 months old) came down with a fever that got up to 102.2 yesterday. 


Last night, he screamed from midnight to 4 a.m.   All he wanted to do was nurse (this was after a HUUUUGE dinner too) and whenever I would de-latch him and lay him down, he woke up and wailed!   He kept kicking his feet while he cried.  He finally slept from 4 a.m. to about 7:45 a.m.


He has no other symptoms other than the screaming and the fever.   No cold symptoms or cough or runny nose....nothing.  That's what makes me worried that it is a UTI or they are going to look for a UTI!


I am so worried he has a UTI and we'll have to go through the "drama" of a doctor wanting to retract him or not just swabbing the tip of his penis. 


He has an appt. with an ENT FIRST today at 1:30 to rule out an ear infection but I made an appt. with a pediatrician (who I've never met before) for shortly after that in case the ENT looks at his ears and says that their fine.....


Just worried, that's all.....




Does anyone have any resources I can print out and take with me about NOT retracting a boy to test for a UTI.


I already have the one from Peaceful Parenting but I can't seem to find any others on the internet!  I figure the more I have, the better!

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Poor little guy. Hopefully it's not a UTI. Is he teething?

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The swab isn't for dxing UTIs, it is for dxing skin infections.  Skin infections are visible.  There is no reason the Dr would swab his foreskin.


To dx a UTI they just need a urine sample.  If they want to use a catheter to get the sample, say "no."  They may say it is necessary to get a clean sample, but it isn't, it is just faster and more convenient for them.  It is a painful unnecessary procedure, as well as an opportunity for them to retract.


If you can't get your DS to pee into a cup, you can use a baggy to catch the sample.  The area needs to be cleaned (no retracting) and the baggy gets taped on.

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No idea why doctors do caths for boys with fevers of above 100 . I have always avoided my son from getting a cath by saying honestly he's peeing just fine


My son fever has been up to 104 more than once out of his  6 yrs

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He didn't need cath'ed or a urine sample taken, not that I would have gone for that but even doc said that we didn't need to do that now..  Of course, I got the "Well, he's not circumcised, so we can't rule out a UTI" talk from the doctor.    The doc even asked me if my husband was circ'ed!!!


My son needed to have some blood drawn from his 15 month WCC (standard for all patients in our pediatric practice) to check his iron and lead levels so we just did that and they did a CBC to see if his WBC was elevated.  It wasn't and everything came back normal but the doc said: "This doesn't mean he DOESN'T have a UTI, you need to keep an eye on it!" 


You need to keep an eye out for UTI's for ALL children who can't describe their symptoms....male and female, circ'ed and intact. 

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Um, I don't know this ped personally, but asking if your DH was circ'd was, IMO, totally inappropriate. I would've answered, "None of your business" or "not relevant to my child's fever of unknown origin."


I take it this is not your normal pediatrician? If I were you -- and Im not! -- I would be shopping pediatricians. If my memory serves me correctly, this isn't the first time you've been concerned/irritated by this/your ped on the circ topic. He/She is incorrect that your son's intact status makes him more likely to have a UTI. That study was a terribly designed study that compared full-term circ'd babies to intact preemies in the NICU -- not at all apples-to-apples! Other studies have NOT found any causal relationship between being intact and being at risk for UTI. If anything makes BOYS more likely to get a UTI it would be congenital issues with the kidneys and ureters (which sometimes accompanies undescended testicle(s), but not always.)


You are correct that you have to watch for UTI in all kids, regardless of gender and intactness, though little girls are FAR more likely to get a UTI than a boy regardless of his intactness or circ status. However, there are other things I would consider: for example, did this ped also ask you about meningitis? In a child that age with FUO (fever of unknown origin), meningitis should also be considered as a dx, not ONLY UTI. Sounds like you ruled out an ear infection, which would be another common culprit. However, in a child that age, the MOST LIKELY CAUSE of fever is ... drum roll ... a virus. (Esp with an older child at home -- which I somehow think you do, a DD? Is that right? I may be confused, it happens a lot these days). ESP in this case, where your son's WBC and CBC were normal ... hmmm. Color me skeptical that he has anything that requires medical treatment beyond some baby tylenol if he is uncomfortable.


However, it is YOUR son, and you know him best -- do you think he seems "seriously" sick, or just febrile (has a fever)? I know these are old wives' tales, but sometimes babies get fevers when they're teething, sometimes they get fevers because they're overheated and can't sweat well, sometimes they just get a fever and it goes away on its own ... But only you can judge the relative seriousness of his condition.


Back to my original topic: IMO, your ped/peds has/have struck out at least twice on this topic. From other posts here, you seem really uneasy about it for some reason -- I don't think you regret leaving your son intact, but I think you are very worried about issues related to his being intact -- e.g., your ped retracting, always bringing up circ, etc. I believe that, if you had a more intact-friendly ped for your son (maybe you like your current ped for your DD? that's my recollection), you might feel more confident about your son's status, your decision, etc. Which in turn will make your SON more confdient in the long run, too.


I don't mean to sound bossy -- at all! -- believe me, I know how hard it can be in some areas to find an intact-friendly ped or FP doctor.  I cringe ever time I see a "freaked out" post -- on something that is totally natural and normal (foreskin!) I *do* understand why moms and dad "freak out" -- I think that the US medical community causes this worry unnecessarily. I also believe that it's our duty as parents to refute those sorts of false worries/concerns ... either by confrontation (e.g., "you are totally wrong, dr. circ!") or by taking our money elsewhere (e.g., finding a ped/FP/NP who respects our decision to leave all of our children intact, period).


All that aside, I really hope your little guy is feeling better, and that your concerns have been lessened, at least for now. Take care!

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I agree with you on every point!  In fact, I think you are EXTREMELY intuitive.  I don't regret leaving him intact, I regret not living in a place where I feel as though he will be properly cared for in this aspect!  I get very nervous whenever he has a fever without a clear cause because I know they are going "go there." 


This pediatrician yesterday was not our normal pediatrician (though, our pediatrician is not much better to be honest).  We live in Indiana which is "Circ. Central" and I really have not found an Intact friendly doctor in my many visits to various pediatricians in the practice. 


I speak very candidly to each doctor I am in contact with and they are all very pro-circ but accept my decision for what it is.  But, that still means they are ignorant and uneducated about foreskin and it's normal development.  My doc even refuted the drop in circ rates from 2006 to 2009 and I sent her an email on FB (I have since de-friended her) to prove that I wasn't making those stats up and got no response.


I'm an anxious parent to begin with and that combined with the fact that I get no medical support for my son and his normal penis is scary to me.  This forum is a GOD SEND!!!!!  I am confident I can make sure nobody retracts him but I know that if leave the doctors office with my sick little boy (who may just need a non-invasive something or other having to do with his penis and having just refused "Dr. Circ's" wishes) than I don't know where the hell I'm going to go.  I could take him to another doctor but I'm sure I would just get the same damn thing.


It's just very scary to me.

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Originally Posted by AnnDMFT View Post

Of course, I got the "Well, he's not circumcised, so we can't rule out a UTI" talk from the doctor. 

Did he think that if a boy is circ'd that he could rule out UTI?

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15 months is just when both of my kids had roseola. three days of a fever with no other symptoms...going crazy trying to figure out WHY she had a fever...then the fever went away, and the rash came on. It's one of those viruses where you don't know what it is until it's over, LOL!

Anytime I've ever called the pediatrician when one of my kids has a fever for which I can't figure out the cause, they have NEVER jumped to the conclusion that it was a UTI, in the absence of any sort of symptoms. They usually just say to wait and see if any symptoms start showing, and give tylenol. (actually I always ignore their stock answer to "give tylenol." I figure the fever is there for a reason, why interfere unless the kid is super uncomfortable from it?)

Sounds to me like your doctors are really biased against intact males. Fever + intact boy, must be a UTI!? (even though he has no trouble peeing?)

Hope your kid is feeling better soon, and all the best to you dealing with doctors in "circ central"!

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I was going to mention Roseola then got distracted. It is what I usually suggest with fever of unknown cause. If the rash shows up in a few days you will know for sure.
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The doctor mentioned Roseola as well!  


No, I don't think he he thought circ'ed means that you can never get a UTI, he just gave me the classic "Uncircumcised boys are MORE likely to get UTI's" speech. 


All I heard was the Charlie Brown teacher though: "Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah....."    I don't buy it.

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