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my hip bones feel like they're being separated

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I don't know any other way to explain this feeling, it's not really painful, but it's more a bone pain than a muscle pain.  This is my first, so I know my body is going to change and shift quite a bit, but I wasn't aware my bones would be moving!  ...I know they're probably not actually moving, but it's just such a wierd feeling

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Throbbing hip pain, especially at night, was my number one complaint during the second half of my first pregnancy.  I'm 21 weeks, and it's starting again this time around.  No pillow arrangement worked to alleviate the constant discomfort.  If anyone has any effective relief techniques, I'd love to hear them!

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They are actually moving. 

Have you ever heard of Pubic Symphasis Diastasis? I don't know where in your hips you are feeling this sensation. I am a sufferer of PSD, and that's basically what it is: hip bones separating. It gradually gets worse over time but the good news is, it usually goes away as soon as you deliver. The main area of pain with PSD is in the crotch area. I do think that some women experience pain unrelated to PSD in their hips in other areas, during pregnancy, so maybe it's not PSD at all. I have heard chiropractic care can work wonders. Hope it's just one of those weird pregnancy sensations and it goes away soon.

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that sounds about right! sleeping hasn't been a big problem for me yet, it doesn't hurt as long as I stay still, but whenever I switch sides or try to get out of bed it flares up for a few seconds.

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I've had this with every pregnancy so far.  It doesn't usually hurt too much, more of a deep aching.  Actually, last night it kept me up for most of the night, so it's definitely getting worse.  The only thing I've found that helps with sleeping is using one of those big body pillows, putting it between my knees and hugging it to keep my whole body in line.  Just putting a regular pillow between my knees was never good enough.  I don't have my body pillow this time, and I was missing it last night!  I'll have to get a new one, though I'm not sure how DD will like it, since she still climbs in my bed every night and wants to cuddle.  shy.gif  My favorite is when I somehow throw things out of whack while I'm awake (shoveling nearly killed me this winter!) I end up walking around feeling like one leg is shorter than the other, or something.  It's a hard sensation to explain.  As a pp mentioned though, it does tend to go away as soon as the baby is born, so that's good!

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Thanks Prothyraia. I have had what I conclude as being severe PSD in all of my pregnancies. By around 30 weeks, I am hardly able to walk. I have tried belts and the chiropractor but the only relief I have ever found was delivery. I bought the book and I am excited to see the suggestions. 

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My first pregnancy I was told that there wasn't really anything that could be done, just try to keep your legs together as much as possible, etc.  And yeah, by the end I could barely walk, would cry trying to get out of bed, and was absolutely miserable.  Second time around things started up even earlier, I tried a chiro (actually made it worse...*sigh*), and then got ahold of that book (it was written by a physical therapist) and was able to improve things a great deal. 


This time around I've been doing the excercises/techniques she recommends whenever things start to feel like they're getting off, and it really makes such a huge difference.  I hope it helps you as well!

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A maternity belt was a huge help to me.  If I didn't wear it, I couldn't walk by the next day.  Just putting on my pants was horribly painful.

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I have had this with all of my pregnancies, getting worse with each one.  With the last baby I finally saw a chiropractor and it made all the difference in the world.  Took about 4 treatments before I really had a big improvement but it was so worth it!!  I recommend it, but find a chiro who specializes in maternity care and knows what they're doing.

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Oh my gosh! I am so relieved to know I'm not the only one! I had it really bad with my first, but not until later. This time it's starting now at week 21. I'm so scared that it's already hurting so much and I'm only halfway through the pregnancy. I feel like my pubic bone is being ripped in half! I'm going to look into that book too!

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I mentioned to my husband yesterday that my bones feel loose. Especially when I stand up, but the only time it's painful is night time - even with a pillow between my legs I'm waking up every half hour or so to roll over (which is already a process) because of the pain and pressure in my hips.

As long as I don't get the sciatic pain too this time, I'll grin and bear it though.

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