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DH & I are both sick (he is a a little sicker than me) but somehow DH gets to rest in bed all day & I still have to do chores & take care of DS.  Is that fair?

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Hi July mommas.  I'm due at the very end of July (31st) and have been reading along with your chat.  I wanted to write today b/c I'm 18 weeks and feeling sick!  I stopped taking my Unisom on Saturday night since I figured I'd be safe from the m/s by 18 wks.  Well no such luck, unless I'm getting regular sick or something.  I felt sort of bad here and there yesterday and downright nauseous today!  This is my 2nd pregnancy and I was fine by 14-15 wks last time.  So if you were me would you give it a couple more days (med free) or start them again?  It's supposed to be safe for the baby, but in general I hate taking meds and I feel more strongly about it while pregnant.  But then again I don't want to feel like this either.


Thanks for listening.

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Hello ladies!



I find out on Thursday the sex of the baby ... hopefully!   I've been feeling lots of rocking and rolling in there ... so that is fun.



Just for the record ... being pregnant with and having twins can be joyous and fun!  Just wanted you all to know that!  Sometimes the worst thing about having twins is other peoples reactions and comments.


Have a great week ladies!

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tea_time: I didn't experience morning sickness so I can't really offer an opinion, only support. I think you need to go with what your gut tells you is right for you. If the nausea is bad enough that you can't function without the meds, then definitely taking them is the way to go. If it's more mild, then you need to do whatever you're comfortable with.

I hope your nausea goes away soon!
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tea_time:  I'm 20 weeks today (yippee!) and I've only not been throwing up for the last 3 days. This is baby #4 for me and I've been really sick with all of them. I find that It's much better now than it was even just 2-3 weeks ago so hopefully you'll feel a real difference soon. I am def. more sick/nauseated the day after I've had a lot on. Maybe you could try a few days without the meds and see how your activity levels affect your sickness? I think I've become better at pacing myself but it is hard with 3 kids of my own plus a 1 year old I look after at work!  Best of luck and I hope you feel better really soon.

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I had a great OB appt the other day! And while I was there the us tech let me take another peek at baby to make sure she's a girl- and she is!
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Nearly 23 weeks here and feeling decent, although I'm super cranky when I'm tired or hungry. Finally starting to feel kicks up above my belly button, this baby hasn't been much of a kicker but likes to punch a whole lot so I've been feeling more movement down low. It's kind of surprising to think of how much room the baby takes up in there now.


As far as the twins, I apologize if I sounded negative about it. I would be more eager about the prospect of twins if we were at a different stage in life. We have to relocate to a different state (don't know which yet) when this baby is 4-6 weeks old, the idea of trying to do it with two newborns and a 2 year old and almost 4 year old scares me. Not to mention the impending deployment that will be looming over us in the Fall if my DH can't find another job besides the one he was offered by the National Guard in NY.

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The good: Found out I am having a girl! DH and I finally agreed on a name. My belly finally looks pregnant and not just fat.


The bad: I am coming down with a sinus cold and it is really painful on one side of my nose. I don't want to take any sick days because I am saving them for maternity leave. Yesterday I had to take a day off because DS was throwing up and DH is out of town. I did leave early today but made it as long as I could. I have used a neti pot, took a hot shower, and am drinking a ton of water and tea. Anything else I can do? My OB is out of the office today and tomorrow. I do have an appointment Friday. 

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matty - Try a saline spray as well, carry it around and spray it all the time.  That's what my Dr recommended.  Congrats on your girl btw!  


Thanks ladies for the advice and support.  I ended up taking the Unisom and felt MUCH better the next day (today too mostly).  I guess it's just lasting longer this time around.  I'll try to wean off at 20 wks and see if I'm "all better" by then.

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matty02- I have a wicked sinus infection as well.  I talked to my midwives & she said to do all the things you're doing plus you take lots of echinacea.  I have several nosesprays, one of which is colloidal silver, which she said is good too.  I just wish someone was here to take care of DS for a few hours so I could nap.

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Hi!  I thought I would introduce myself here.   I was a little taken aback by the negative talk of twins so I waited to post.  I am Nichole...I am due July 2nd with Twin boys.   I have two kids...JoJo who is 19 months and Lil Jimmy who is 33 months. So will have 4 kids 3 years and younger once the twins come...all 4 in diapers full-time.  I am married to Jimmy and we live in Oklahoma.  Right now we live right outside Oklahoma City but hopefully will be moving to the country once the twins get here safe and sound.  We don't want to move yet because we would be over 30 minutes from the nearist hospital. 


Both of the babies are measuring right on time(I am 22 weeks and 5 days)...I had an Ultrasound yesterday and baby A was 1lb 1oz and baby B was 1lb 4oz.  The specilaist was very happy that they seem to be growing well and that I am gaining weight great.  It is nice to hear that he is happy for my weight gain...I have gained 22 pounds so far.  I have gotten negative comments about my weigh from stupid people.  I am roughly following the brewers twin diet...but it is a struggle most days.


Hope to get to know you guys better.

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