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We have a 10 year old Great Dane which, for those of you who aren't familiar with the giant breeds, is like having a 90 year old dog. She has never had any health problems.


Yesterday I noticed she was retching unproductively, not bringing anything up but sounding just like she was about to vomit. She was also breathing rapidly and seemed generally unhappy. I was worried she had bloat so I brought her to the vet.


She does not have bloat but her heart rate is 200 (!) and her pulse is 80. She also has diarrhea and has not been eating well (although she has been drinking so I don't think it is an electrolyte imbalance) she can only bring herself to steal the small dog's food and that's it. I even tried to give her butter, which she would normally step over her own mother for, and she rejected it.


So the vet comes back and says it's an arrhythmia and wants to treat her with two different drugs.


To me the difference in HR and pulse is ominous and the stomach issues don't seem to fall into place with arrhythmia. It sounds more like dilated cardiomyopathy to me but I'm not a vet. The did an EKG and x-rays but not an echocardiogram.


Anyone have an opinion?