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I'm mildly paranoid about pregnancy itching after having a friend with really severe cholestasis twice.  But I'm pretty sure this is just the change of seasons.  Add that to the fact that we just got back from visiting relatives in a totally different climate (and something was blowing around that made everyone sneeze)...I'm not too worried.


But still...MAKE IT STOP!!  :P 


I slathered myself in coconut oil last night and this morning.  (My skin felt fabulous this morning btw!)  And just bought lotion here at work hoping to make it stop.  I was even dreaming about itching last night!  (Mostly because I was worried about cholestatsis I'm sure.) 


So annoying. 


I really hope I can just moisturize it out of existance because we just got a reprieve from the latest scary belly drama...I do not want to introduce anything new to worry about!!

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Ok...talked to my itchy friend :) and it's nothing like her cholestasis symptoms...and now I know what to watch out for!  Plus...bonus...it seems to have almost disappeared over the last couple of hours!!  Must have just been an allergic reaction to something!  :)  But happy dance for no more itching!!!

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Once I got this horrible itchy rash on my legs that lasted for WEEKS!  I thought I had caught some flesh eating bacteria or something, lol. Turns out, I had just shaved my legs and applied a new lotion on them that contained something I was allergic to. ;) 


I'm an itchy preggers too... the only thing that seems to moderately help me is Gold Bond lotion. 


Good luck mama!



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