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Anyone have high blood pressure in early pregnancy

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I am 5 weeks and my blood pressure last week was 146/86

this week 148/89


my family doc is out of the country for 2 mos so I saw the nurse...


should I be concerned...what should I do...the receptionist at the doc office told me to go to emerg....

my husband is away and I have no one to watch my kids and the 1 year old is sick to boot!


I cant find any answers googling

all I find is third tri blood pressure and if you were on bp meds b4 you got pg.




Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated!

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my midwives considered my BP to be on the high end in the beginning of pregnancy and it worried me alot because high BP is something that would risk me out of my homebirth. the first thing they did was have me buy a bp monitor and keep a log of my numbers twice a day. around this time, i started hypnobabies and went on the brewer's diet (although my midwives really didnt approve of this diet).. i really think the relaxation techniques from hypnobabies combined with the high protein diet really helped me alot because my numbers went down alot and we haven't had any issues with BP numbers since those in the beginning..even now that we're going into 36 weeks my numbers have consistently been below 110/70


oh, but to answer your original question.. your BP is alittle high.. not CRAZY high.. but high enough to cause concern. anything over 130/85 would be a red flag for your health professional.

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It's too early to be PIH. You probably have essential hypertension going on. (High blood pressure undiagnosed before pregnancy) I have it too and am now on beta blockers. If you can find a med that will control it, you have nothing to worry about.
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I would ask for a  24 hour urine test and buy your own bp monitor. A one time reading that high isn't too much of a concern but if it's that high over a long period of time that is bothersome. I don't know what your long term plans are but you also might want to find an OB since they are more familiar with blood pressure issues and preeclampsia if that came up later.

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Could it be anxiety or stress?  I had REALLY high BP early on throughout the first tri - 150 over 100 high and it's usually 120/60 or 70.  My OB thought it was anxiety and she was probably right.  I tried to relax more, and I'm 37.5 weeks now and BP is normal.


I've never had anxiety before.

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