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ISO Oklahoma HB Midwife

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Hi Ok. mamas! I am in the very northern part of the OKC metro - between edmond & stillwater really... and I am looking for a midwife, preferably where I don't need to sign up with a birthing center first to have my home birth.


I had secondary care from the OU Midwives for my first birth and really want to avoid having the whole medical scene to deal with this time around.


If you know of any that please send me their info!


Also would love to connect with all the other OK mamas as well. 


Thanks so much!



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I highly recommend Heaven Sent Birth.  

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I love the midwifery practice in Norman. This is my 7th pregnancy in a row to use them after my first 2 being c/secs. Each time I've had wonderful, good quality prenatal care and beautiful homebirths with them. It's Community Midwifery Services. http://cmsmidwife.com/ They have the benefit of having a good ob to back them up should you have to transfer or need a prescription or something.
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Ruth Cobb is AMAZING. I lived in Stillwater and she did my birth.  I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her!


She is based out of Tulsa but travels for the birth. http://www.ruthcobb.com/

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I'm late to the party and you've probably already found someone, but I just wanted to second the rec for heaven sent. They attended my birth and were great!
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Thank you ladies for all your suggestions. I haven't really looked into it more because I've been so busy and just haven't thought about it much, but now that I am about out of the first trimester, I really should consider what I will be doing.


I read over Heaven Sent Births website before my last pregnancy and I seem to recall that they require the same testing/pre-natal care that you would get from an OB... is this correct?


I'm afraid the Norman group would just be too far, as I am really wanting a homebirth and I think I read on their site they don't come this far.


I will definitely call Ruth Cobb and talk to her. I have been really wanting a UC or something really hands off and perhaps she could help with that or refer me to someone that doesn't advertise online or in print.


Thanks again everyone!

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My friend(in Broken Arrow) has used Ruth twice now, and she is amazing! Ruth was also a midwife for her mother as well. She lives in Tulsa I believe, but maybe she would travel?

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Heaven Sent didn't make me do a bunch of testing. I think you can get it if you want it, but all my prenatals consisted of peeing into a cup, getting my blood pressure taken, my belly felt and listened to with a fetoscope, and talking. They were also as hands off as I wanted them to be during the birth. They sat in the other room and dozed until the very end, but came and asked if I needed anything periodically.
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