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Phoenix Lucien Entered the World!...now with pics!

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at 3:13 this morning 2/24/11...weighing in at 8 lbs 10.5 oz., 21 inches long! we feel so truly blessed...and completely wiped out! 


please send easy breastfeeding vibes...as he's been asleep all day, and so far i've only gotten one good latch. :) he's about to get his first wipe-down...and then we'll try again.


the birth was amazing, and truly so much for me and my dh to process. much more intense and longer than expected...but i caught him at home, and had such an incredibly powerful experience... i'll hope to get a story and pics up soon! in the meantime, blessings to all those still waiting...and blessings to those of us who are exhausted with a newbie!


thank you everyone for your good vibes and support along the way!

luxlove.gif love.gif





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SO happy for you Ashley! I hope he wakes up for you and you get a good latch! Congrats!

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Ashley!!  Congratulations!   so happy to hear you had a lovely experience.  I absolutely LOVE the name!  I pondered Phoenix for awhile myself.

sending good BF vibes & hope you have a happy babymoon!

we'll definitely have to meet up in the coming months & our boys can play together.  LOL! 

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Congratulations, Ashley!! love.gif  I love his name and can't wait to read your story and see pictures winky.gif  Rest up and enjoy your sweet little guy.

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Happy day mama and Phoenix!  Try not to worry about nursing.  Mine didn't really eat for about 24 hours, I had to force the issue during the first 24.  Soon after he ate and ate and ate and hasn't stopped.  :-)

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Congratulations, Ashley! He's beautiful! I hope nursing is getting easier for you both.
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Ashley he's gorgeous!! Warmest congrats. Way to go, Mama, you did it! Sending lots of warm, milky, harmonious breastfeeding vibes your way. Give your little soaring spirit a kiss for me.


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Congrats mama!! You are you both beautiful, you look amazing in that photo!


The first day or so is always weird with nursing, some babies like to sleep more...just a lot of skin on skin time and snuggling and I'm sure he'll be feasting 24/7 soon enough.

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grouphug.gifthanks so much mamas for the easy BF vibes and the congrats!!! i woke him up a couple of times in the day..but he just seemed to like the right breast...but then late in the afternoon he rooted around for the first time and landed on the left! i think he was just really tired from the journey! i had set my alarm for three hours after i went to bed...just in case, but he woke up on his own and now in the night he's already gotten side-lying feeding down...and i'm so grateful, because it let me sleep comfortably too. now, it'll be really fun when i can do it in the dark, but for now, i kept a little light on and just got to stare at this sweet being! 



thanks again mamas! it's just so freaking amazing! :)



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Love the name! congratulations!!!

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Omg, he is so sweet...congrats!!!

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Beautiful!!!!!! Congrats to you mama!

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You look radiant Ashley! So happy for you. Glad to hear that breastfeeding is going well. Welcome little one!

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Congrats, beautiful pics!!

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Ashley!  So thrilled to see these lovely photos!  I hope your whole family is doing well, and that side-lying technique + a nightlight is a godsend in our family too! 


Also, I know you mentioned before that your husband is French - I think Lucien is one of my all-time favorite French boy names.  I love it!

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thanks aidenn! we thought we were going to use lucien as the first name for such a long time...i kept calling him that! but i'm settling better into phoenix now! :) i know phoenix lucien is the right name for him because as soon as i felt his balls i introduced him as that... but i did wonder a few times in the next couple of days!!! :) thanks again! i love lucien too!


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Ashley - I envy "knowing" a name when they're born!  It sounds like kismet!  We've always had our kids' first names down by the time the pee hits the stick, it seems, which takes some of that magic out!


Also, completely off-topic, but I just saw you're from Lake Elsinore!  I grew up in Norco for 18 years and my family is still out there!  I miss that beautiful area!

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