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My dd is currently taking Flovent for asthma.


Her brother has just recovered from Chicken Pox.


Neither is vaxed.


I checked in with the family doctor today to ask about increased risks to kids who are taking steroids, and we came up with a plan that when she showed symptoms of the pox I would start her on an anti-viral.


Later the doctor's office called asking her to come in and get the vax!


Firstly (even if I was pro-vax), I did not think that it was safe to give the chicken pox vax while you were taking a corticosteroid.


Secondly, it has been a week or more since her brother showed symptoms. I assume that she is already infected. Is the vaccine at all useful so late into things?


Aaaagh! STRESS.


To me, the wiser course of action seems to be using an anti-viral.


To any who consider flaming me for giving my daughter an inhaled steroid, please consider holding a child who is struggling to breathe and worrying about them dying.