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Brain Quest?

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I am wondering how on target Brain Quest is for grades?


I just spent a freakin' fortune on 1st grade materials for my 7yo.  Then, a local bookstore had a huge sale and I bought a few 2nd grade workbooks for next year, including Brain Quest.  Dd picked up the BQ workbook and blew through language arts, reading, writing, and phonics with  no problem.  


This is interesting because those are the topics she normally *hates*.  She loves Story of the World, R.E.A.L. Science, Song School Latin, Math Mammoth - but when it comes time to work oh phonics, reading, or grammar she fights tooth and nail.  I've known she's a good reader, but I figured those subjects just weren't her strong suit - now I am thinking maybe it was too boring for her!


Before I spend more money on 2nd grade materials I just wanted to make sure Brain Quest is actually on par with the grade it is labeled.  Anyone know?

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I usually buy a grade up when I get Brain Quest. DD1 is in first grade and the first grade books are pretty easy for her.

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Thanks!  I will hold off on replacing everything, then!

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 not used brain quest. the B&N here has the workbooks. maybe take a visit to the book store so you can browse the workbooks to see if it would be too easy?

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I found BrainQuest to be about a year off as well. I wouldn't use it as a judge of ability.

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