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Cold in Eyes

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My ten month old wakes up from sleeping with her eyes swollen and crusty (no redness).  This has been happening for two days.  In the past few days, my six year old has had red eyes. 


I assume my baby has a cold in her eyes and maybe the six year old has pink eye?


I have been treating the six year old with homeopathic pink eye drops.  All I've done for the baby is put breastmilk in her eyes.


What advice do you all have for them?  I would like to keep from giving them antibiotics....



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It might be pink eye or nothing at all. Sometimes these things resolve themselves on their own. I'd just gently wash away the crusty stuff and keep an eye on it. If it continues and/or gets worse, then I'd take more action.

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Blocked tear duct? I had 14 months of it with my daughter, who eventually saw a specialist and nearly 11 months with my son. Tho it would be unusual for it to occur this late.

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Sounds like the same thing we are going thru with DS and our ped said it was blocked tear ducts (he has it in both eyes).  They recommended warm compresses on the eyes 3x a day adn also gently massaging the outer corner of the eyes in a circular motion - clockwise on the left eye and counter clockwise on the right eye (basically going in towards the eye).  It's helped a lot!  He still wakes up with the crusties a little in the morning but it definitely helped to open things up.  The doc also said that it would get worse before it got better because the massaging was opening up the ducts so it would be worse for a few days.

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