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Pricing Question

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Well, normally I'm very good & leniant about this sort of thing.  Especially when it comes to things like hats, gloves, art...etc. 


Now I've written a book.  It arrived today, and I couldn't be more excited!  It was like giving birth!  I self published, and want to get a second edition done - I need to know how much to charge. 


I paid about $5.95 each.  I keep going back & forth between $12.95 & $14.95.  With shipping, etc, I imagine it cost about $7 each.  I was hoping to be able to buy a new copy for each one I sold. 


Advice please!  TIA

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How about meeting in the middle with $13.95?  Many times markup on things is double so if you paid about $7 (with shipping), then $14 would be a good markup.  Since books are general not an even amount, then $13.95 would seem a good price for the item. 


On a side note, can I ask what company you went through to self publish?

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I think I'm going with $14.95, after talking to some friends.  My area is notoriously super cheap, but I think I'm respected enough people wll shell out the extra $2. 


Blurb is the company I used.  There is no minimum order, you can order one or one hundred.  Prices start at $2.95 for small b&w paperback, $5.95 for large b&w paperback, $8.95 for 8x8 color hardcover with sleeve. 


Check it out - it's pretty cool -



Quality books, not like snapfish or those other sites - real quality books.  They arrived yesterday, and they are super!  Just like any paperback short novel you'd pick up at the bookstore!  You can pay for premium papers if you want.  People can order online with yoru chosen mark up. 

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That's awesome!  I am glad you were able to make a decision on the price!  Thanks for the link.  I will go check it out.  Best of luck to you on the sale of your book!!

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