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Team Green! It's a..........

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I had the baby today (Friday, February 25) after a very very speedy labor and it was a girl! This is our third girl in a row!


Aila Wren - 8lbs 14oz and 20 inches long! 


Birth Story (for those who like details)


Months ago we made reservations at a fancy restaurant owned by a Top Chef finalist for the night of my due date. I found I had to really convince myself to go now that it was time; I really wanted to stay home. But I knew this would be the last chance for us to get out without a baby so I rallied and off we went.


We had a nice time and the food was fabulous and super pretentious (like with things like wasabi "roe" and soy foam) ;) I was having stronger BH contractions about 20 minutes apart during dinner but it didn't hurt so I didn't think anything of it. We were home by 8:45. The babysitter had the kids all ready for bed so we tucked them in and I sat and knit and watched a little TV until 10:30. DH passed out on the couch. I realized that the BH were getting a little stronger and spreading over my entire belly. They were 15 minutes apart but I still didn't think much. I had no mucous plug loss, no mucous and no bloody show at all so I was thinking maybe Friday or Saturday things would start moving.


We went to bed around midnight and I had some trouble getting comfortable. I had to keep peeing. I finally passed out around 1am and slept until 2:40am when the contraction were suddenly intense. I had a loose bowel movement in the bathroom, timed two contractions and realized they were 2 minutes apart. I called my MIL to start her drive and DH woke up when he heard me talking to her on the phone. He came out and started getting everything ready while I called the midwife. I had a contraction while on the phone with her and it was really vocal. I had to moan through it quite loudly. She got ready to leave and make the 25 minute drive to my house.


I got off the phone with her and had two back to back contractions. The kind where I had to swear through. My legs were shaking and I was shivering and thought for sure I wouldn't make it a few hours feeling like this (not realizing I was in transition already, ten minutes after getting out of bed). I told DH I wanted to get into the tub to try and get some relief and crawled on my hands and knees to our master bathroom. He started running the water and I had a contraction and realized I needed to push. 


He said, "WHAT? No no no, not already?" and I pushed through the contraction, cleaned out the last of my bowels (so attractive! LOL) and then got up to sit on the toilet for the next one. It was right after that and I had to stand up when I realized the head was coming out. I said," The baby, catch it!" and threw him a towel and he used it to catch the baby so she didn't fall into the toilet or onto the floor. 


Two pushes total and she was out. She pinked up right away and began to cry. I stood and leaned on DH for a bit to get the strength back into my legs and DH called the midwife. She had just gotten into her car; it was ten or fifteen minutes since we called her to have her come over, 25 minutes from the moment I woke up.


This was our second accidental UC and we are so thankful it wasn't in the car like our second child!


ETA: based on the heavy calcification of the placenta, the midwife thinks I was actually over 41 weeks and not right at my due date. Aila's nails are super long too.

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wow mama! that's amazing...and so inspiring! :) congrats!!! and welcome little girl! such a pretty name!

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Wow, what an intense birth! yikes.gif  Such an amazing experience, thank you for sharing love.gif  Enjoy your little miracle!

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Wow congrats!!!

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Oh my great goodness, what a story!!! Congratulations!! And what a beautiful name!

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wow, amazing! welcome baby aila!!

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Wow, congrats!  That is really fast....can't wait to see her!

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That's so awesome! Welcome Aila! love.gif

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