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birth certificate...trivial mistake?

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My son's birth certificate states the wrong time of birth (by 30 minutes). The correction form that came with it doesn't have an area to correct that field.


Is this something that would be deemed important enough to ask for a corrected certificate? Is the time of birth ever used for anything? Besides birth charts, that is.

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Just wanted to say, as the mother of an almost 3 year old, the time of birth has never come up or been asked on any paperwork. Any other small mistake on the birth certificate would really bother me, but since it's within 30 minutes I personally wouldn't mind, unless of course it pushes it into the next day!

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Ugh! I  see you are in Brooklyn. We lived in Park Slope when our son was born and NYS did the same thing to his birth certificate. It was a typo however with my maiden name. I had to call and call and call and then call some more to try and reach someone in the vital records office. Finally I spoke with a supervisor (after writing a shall we say, "strongly worded" email to the head of Vital Statistics.) We did get the correction, but it took almost 4 months to receive the new certificate. (We moved out of state too, which didnt help) I dont think time of birth will ever be a factor but if you do plan to request a change be prepared to wait months to get the correction. As long as you are not going out of the country, you probably shouldnt need the certificate for a while....good luck. Dealing with NY offices can take on a whole life of its own.

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I wouldn't bother unless it is something that irritates you.

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My kids are 12, 14 and 17.  No one has ever asked what time my kids were born for anything official.  Which is a good thing since my 14 yo was an emergency c-section ( he almost died) and my dh watched the docs make up a time of birth in the hallway whistling.gif

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