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Does falling HCG always mean loss?

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Hello. We did a FET of 2 very healthy looking blasts. My wife has had pregnancy feelings and tested positive on a hpt or three. Her first hcg was 120. Two days later it was 89.5 The doctor wants us to continue doing the PIO shots and estrogen and come back for another beta next week. Is there any hope that they will rise again? Or a vanishing twin? Has anyone heard of HCG levels falling and there still being a viable pregnancy?

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As you did transfer two there is a chance that two implanted and then one didn't make it, this could cause what would look like a drop...so yes, a vanishing twin is a possibility. If that is not the case then falling hcg at this stage would normally mean a loss..unless there was a lab error. Thinking very positive thoughts for you!

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Thank you.

We are going back for another hcg test. Until then, we are holding out hope, because really, there is nothing to have but hope at this stage.

If it doesn't work out for us this time I hope that we can just keep trying until we can grow our family.

We have had a lot of fertility treatments and a lot of disappointment with many BFN's. We have had one other BFP, that one gave us our DD. This is our first experience with a BFP that isn't looking very positive.


But like i said. It isn't over til it's over and we are holding out for some hope of lab error or vanishing twin or something.

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Any updates? I would definitely think it's possibly they both implanted but one couldn't  hang on. That would cause a temporary dip in HCG until the remaining embryo's  beta catches up to where it had been with 2, kwim?

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Unfortunately it was a loss. The doctor thinks that the embryos just were not viable for some reason. He feels optimistic for the next time.

At this point we feel pretty sad. But we are ready to start another cycle. It is just really hard to feel so positive about it, and then get a positive HPT and Beta test and then not have a viable pregnancy. We have had A LOT of BFN in the past, but the only other time we had a positive we got a child.

We are feeling optimistic that we will grow our family.

Thanks for asking.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I know it's so frustrating when you try and try, and you finally get it, and then before you know it, it's gone. :( Hope we both get a sticky bean really soon.

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