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Rescue Remedy is a Bach flower essence, so it's like a homeopathic.  You'd have to ask your naturopath if it would interfere since I know very little about that.


Just thought I'd add another vote to the more protein ideas.  My son that was not a good sleeper started on oats and went to other veggies and whole grains.  He also has eczema and it didn't seem to be specifically related to dairy or wheat.  This season he started out with no skin issues at all, but we started to slack on fish oil supplements and we got lazy in the am and let him eat grain-based breakfasts and the eczema started popping up again.  Sometime around  his 18 months I was introduced to the work of Weston A. Price and it seems to me that my son's skin and sleep issues began to improve around that time.  I would recommend checking out the Price Pottinger Foundation and see what you think.  I'd been leaning vegetarian for sometime until reading that, and it really changed my thoughts about grains (not a historically natural part of the human diet) and proteins (mainly animal based, especially organ meats having been a nearly universal first food for babies).


Another main idea that I adopted has really transformed my thoughts of nutrition is to get about 1/3 (by dry weight) of your food daily of the following:  Fats (nuts, oils, meats, dairy, etc), Greens, and Sweets (no not that kind- sweet (ie. other that greens) veggies).  My family's immunity was iron clad when we stuck to that, and as you probably know eczema is an auto-immune disorder.  Btw I developed a recipe for a salve that will fix the eczema and if you want it just send me a pm.  It's a little expensive to purchase all the ingredients, but once you have them you'll be set for a long time.  So far I haven't encountered a skin issue that it hasn't knocked out.

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Thanks for the info Veslemor....and everyone else too!


Im going with the protein thoughts...as I decided it can't hurt really at 11 months.  We started with egg yolk...today being day 3 and it seems tobe going well...the eating part that is....not the sleeping. Imight start chicken tomorrow.... we'll see.


While he eats grains (rice, oats, quinoa and a bit of wheat) it's small compared to the fruits and veggies and Im taking a supplement that is high in all the omegas.  I don't want to rush into too many grains or meats at once as I believe them to be hard on the digestive system...but I'm not opposed to eating them...just believe only small quantities are needed as I feel we get most of what we need with greens and fruits and veggies.  We were lax in our green smoothies, which we use to do daily....now we are back on track daily and my baby has had some too now that he has been introduced to the majority of what we put in our favorite smoothies. 


The sleep has not really improved much.  We had one good night....by that I mean 3 awakenings about 15-20 min (one for a half hour)....I can live with that but the night before and last night were awful.  I think last night was my fault...I tried prunes again...a smaller amount but I don't think his tummy tolerates them...He seemed to moan a bit throughout the night like he was in pain or uncomfortable...I guess we'll eliminate prunes for quite some time! 


Well, I shall continue with introducing some proteins....and adding lunch and a small snack at bedtime...sometimes he seems he wants that snack , other times not at all. 


If I have time I'll see about looking into Price Pottinger Foundation  ....will it come up on Google...is it on the Price site?


Thank you.


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I had that same issues with Dd1 and she is still not a very good sleeper, waking several times a night. It was a tough road when she was a baby, but we got through it. I just wanted to offer ((hugs)) and support.

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Organicmom, i meant that dd wakes up a lot when the humidifier is not on. One night, she was crying, refusing to nurse. I finally offered her a sip from my glass. She gulped down a fourth of my glass and slept immediately. I make sure that the humidifier is on and working now.

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Well, we thought we were getting improvement. Last night proved us wrong.


I slept a total of 3 hours.  Ds went to bed at his normal time and slept about 2 hours....about the time I finally went to bed after giving into 'family time'.....I had to...we haven't done this in forever....so just as I lay down, ds gets up.  Turns out to be quite the night.  I finally got him to sleep and couldn't get back to sleep myself.  So I was up for an hour while he slept....then he woke up AGAIN...this time for over two hours...probably closer to 3....we finally slept for 3 hours and he decided wake up time was at 5:30.  


I'm not sure what the problem was....teething? stomach??? he rubs his eyes and lays his head down and then screams, etc.    sigh.


We have introduced egg yolk and chicken...and all seemed well and seemed to be improving....he was even napping better.  Now?


I'm sooooooo tired!

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Rescue Remedy is a flower essence more than anything else.  Ask your homeopath, however, I have used homeopathic remedies with rescue remedy quite a bit personally.  I've never heard that it can interfere with remedies and my homeopath recommends it for a number of things.  I doubt she would recommend without mentioning interference.  Also used it all the time in my Waldorf classroom.  It is mainly used for trauma (of any sort), calming, and can be super helpful.  I would strongly suggest looking into this as it really helps ease stress and it sounds like bedtime is a great source of stress for you.  Bach flower essences are available at most health food stores.  

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Well, our naturopath is very conservative when it comes to making sure nothing interferes with the remedy....so we don't use anything else that is homeopathic at the same time or with strong odors, etc.....I'll look and see what all is in the rescue remedy...since someone mentioned it might be homeopathic, I didn't bother. If it's not homeopathic, I'll ask our naturopath about it.


I did buy the no cry sleep solution book and started it today....over half way through it!  My dd volunteered to put him down for both naps so I could find time to read it...that was really helpful.  Last night was a little better so I remain hopeful....though he is still waking us a great number of times, other than Saturday night it does seem to be for slightly shorter durations of time.  I'm really thinking that the couple of weeks that were really hard with his top teeth coming in followed by his first cold just totally wiped out his 'memory' of how to put himself back to sleep with normal awakenings through the night....now he's needing us for each one....I need to learn not to give into nursing for each one...that's probably key...and somehow teach him to do it himself.  I know he used to wake and just babble and coo for a few minutes and fall back asleep....we need to figure out how to make it back to that.  Thanks for everyone's encouragement. 

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Our naturopath gave the okay to the rescue remedy but doesn't seem convinved it would actually help since it's more for trauma, etc.

My dh will look for it but I'm not sure I know what to do with it,  Should I give it to both of us or just me????  And this is for sleep???

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I'm glad you asked this question because I am in the same boat! Sometimes it feels like I am spending every hour trying to nurse my DD back to sleep! I try to use my kids naptime/bedtime as my productive time, but sometimes I have to keep going back into my dim/dark room (we cosleep) to soothe her back to sleep that after a while it wears on me...and it's so warm and cozy nursing her in my bed...and dark...and then BAM! -- I accidently fall asleep and wake up to my alarm clock the next morning shrug.gif and I didn't finish whatever project I was working on before falling asleep. Arg!


Oh well. I think it's just a developmental phase for our babes...that and separation anxiety. Perhaps they enter their "light stage" of sleep and realize mommy is not there and get upset instead of allowing themselves to go back into a deeper phase of sleep. I totally understand the frustration and empathize with you, organicmom3! You are doing what you can, you're doing a great job, and you'll make it through. Think of how quickly your little one went from 0-11 months, and realize that each development stage passes before you know it. This stage too shall pass. *hug*

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RESCUE REMEDY Miracle?????  I got the stuff yesterday late afternoon.... I wasn't exactly sure what to do with it...so I put 4 drops in just a bit of water and gave it to ds by a dropper after dinner...around 5:30.  I also put 4 drops in water and drank it myself.  Then later, past bedtime (we were out at a scout meeting...) I gave it to him under the tongue as that was my only option since I knew/hoped he'd fall asleep in the car and would hopefully be asleep when we got home. Then I took some myself when we got home.  When we got home, he woke briefly so I took the opportunity to nurse for a few minutes and when he was only about 90% asleep, I laid him in his crib...he repositioned himself without crying and went to sleep!  He only got up twice during the night for no more than a ten minute nursing and again, when he was about 90% asleep I laid him down, he wriggled for a second and went to sleep!  He slept till 7:30 this morning!  This means he got 9 1/2 hours at night...a BIG improvement!...and that was with going to bed later (not a habit I intend on keeping of course)....but leaves me hopeful for more when he goes to bed on time!


My question now is....did I do it right? Administereing the remedy...and should I give it to him through the day today or wait till evening again?  Just not sure how to proceed and am wondering what others do???

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YAY!  I'm glad you are finding Rescue Remedy helpful.  I usually don't give DS Rescue Remedy unless he is super distressed or if we are having a difficult night.  You might try it during the day and night while things are rough and the back off after a day or two to see how things go without it.  That is what I did and it seemed to work.  For instance, we are teething in a big, bad way and I gave it to DS before bed last night.  He slept for 6 hours (in a row!).


Although it says it is for trauma mainly, I find that any sort of stress can bring on trauma.  Trauma can be minor too.  


I take Rescue Remedy all the time.  It is great for my anxiety and helps my patience level when I'm running on steam.  


Good luck!

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