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Try this website for finding a provider: http://www.nchomebirth.com/midwifery.html

NC does not license CPMs (yet) but CNMs, NPs, and MDs can attend homebirths. There are a few CNMs in the state who attend homebirths. I don't know specifically about the area you mentioned. There are also some CPMs that you can find out about through word of mouth or the, possibly, the above website. There are several homebirth meetup groups. If there's one in your area, that would be another way to find a provider.

I would think that if Medicaid covers prenatal care and birth with a CNM and you can find a CNM who will attend your homebirth, Medicaid should cover that. I'm just guessing based on my own common sense, though. I don't know that for sure and I guess it's possible there is an exclusionary clause for covering homebirths.
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You might want to search the tribal area--I do believe there are home birth CNMs serving Asheville. (I'm not from that area but I know someone who had a HB there--don't know who she used.)

Google turns up:



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There is a thread on the in the NC forum. New Dawn does take medicaid, but there is a $1000 homebirth fee. Family to Family in Asheville also takes medicaid but I am not sure if they do homebirths. I have the name and number of a lay midwife in the area if you'd like it, pm me.

The going rate is $2500 in our area.

You will also hear about Dr. David Hayes, he is an O.B. that does homebirths, but, he is leaving this summer so will no longer be around.

The local birth yahoo group is ; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ashevilleareabirthnetwork/ 


Also, another group that could help you is DAMA, the doulas association of the mountain area.


I have had a homebirth in NC and used and experienced CPM, they are out there, you just have to find them. :)

Happy midwife searching!  And welcome to asheville!

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Here is the other asheville midwives thread;



I just met with the lay midwife and I'm only 7 weeks or so, so really, they will meet with you at any time, though of course, all practices are different.

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HI, mama Harrison,

CNMs can take Medicaid, CPMS and direct entry midwives cannot. CNMs are the only legal homebirth attendants in NC, and there are about 9 homebirth nurse-midwifery practices in the state, including mine in Western NC and Dette Nicholson, CNM up above Mars Hill. PM me if you would like more info.

Karen Benfield, CNM and owner of BirthTender

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Looking for a midwife in Ashville area that willl do twin homebirth!  Also need midwife to be experienced in breech birth if needed.  Let me know if you know someone.  mallierd@gmail.com

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Originally Posted by Mom2oak View Post

Looking for a midwife in Ashville area that willl do twin homebirth!  Also need midwife to be experienced in breech birth if needed.  Let me know if you know someone.  mallierd@gmail.com

you may want to start your own new thread on this ; ) this is old and people aren't likely to see your new question way down here and if I deleted it {as the OP} then your questions would be lost in space ; )

P.s. my family moved back to FL and I am birthing our #2 in december in our home ; ) Good luck to you.

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Dr. Hayes will do twin hb. I had a twin hb VBAC in FL, but was monitored by him and he totally agreed to do it even if both twins were breech.

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