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breast size

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Hello Mamas and Mamas-to-be...I've got a revealing thread question for this morning: what's to be expected for breast growth in pregnancy?  How are you all doing?  I am 24 weeks and haven't even gone up a cup size yet!  And yes, frankly, this is disappointing.  :|  My breasts are definitely heavier and fuller, but I was so looking forward to serious cleavage for once in my life!  This is my first pregnancy and when not pregnant am a 34-B (5'9", 140 lbs), so am small-average anyway.  I'm wondering if they are going to grow any more, or if this is it?.  They did most of their growing end of first trimester and begining of second, and haven't made much progress since then.  Otherwise I am right in the normal range for weight gain so and belly measurements so far in the pregnancy.    Thank you!  :)

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I started out in a 30E and now am in a 34G. None of my pre-pregnancy underwire bras (which, in my size, cost $50 a pop) fit anymore, and it's really hard to find anything over a DD in stores. I was incredibly lucky that I was in London last month and had lots of reasonably priced bra shopping opportunities--I would have been in so much trouble here. So I'm just hoping they don't grow any more, and I really have no idea where to buy nursing bras in my size without a lot of trial and error. Ordering bras online is such a pain if you don't know exactly what size you take in that particular bra, because bras and brands vary so much.


Apparently the boobage goes to those who don't want it! I would have happily donated this extra growth to you. :)


Look on the bright side... at least you can buy your nursing bras at Target for $15 each. Big savings there!

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This is my second pregnancy and I've only in the last few weeks noticed actual growth (yes to the heaviness/fullness like you already stated!).  I've gone up almost a full cup size.  But with my first pregnancy, I didn't start noticing actual growth until the 8th month or so.  Like PP said, target has great options for those of us that are on the smaller side to start.  Also, I found that I didn't shrink down all the way to my pre-pregnancy size, after DD stopped nursing.  Hopefully you get the same luck!  2whistle.gif

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I started as a 34B and am now at 34DD. I am 23 weeks and not looking forward to added growth, since I have to keep buying new bras as my breasts grow :(

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I am 23 weeks and have gone from a 36C to a 40D or DD.  They are heavy and causing lots of back pain!  This is my 3rd child, and I definitely noticed that my size increased at a more rapid rate this time around.

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This is my fifth pregnancy and I've not noticed much of anything growth wise except for a heavy type feeling. Still wearing my same 34DD bras as pre-pregnancy.

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I've heard that bustier gals tend to grow more and have it stick around longer.


Before DS, I was a 36 A, barely. I never switched bras until the very end, when I bought Bs. When my milk came in, I went up to a D, leveled off to a C and stayed a C the whole time I nursed DS. I weaned part-way into this pregnancy and am now an A or a B, depending on the bra. I expect to fill out a B better toward the end, then balloon back up when the milk comes. DH just asked about this today. Ha!

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Before I had kids I was a 34 a/b depending on the particular bra.  My boobs don't grow during pregnancy except maybe to fill out a B.  That's it.  With my first, my milk came in and I got stretch marks that made each boob look like a bulls-eye.  It was terrible.  They were bright red and looked horrible.  I cried every time I looked in the mirror and at that point I was maybe a full C.  Ironically I never get stretch marks in pregnancy and I get HUGE.  Anyway, I stayed a B the entire time I nursed.  I haven't weaned DD2 yet so they are about the same and I don't forsee them changing much before baby arrives.  If DD2 is still nursing, I doubt I'll have that huge influx because she will take care of that!

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Before I had my first I was a 30D, and since having kids my new 'normal' seems to be around a 30F... which is what I revert to when I'm done breastfeeding, too.

So far in this pregnancy I've gone up several cup sizes; by far the most in any pregnancy prior. I'm sitting at a 32I right now.  I. As in the letter after H. The cups of my new bras can FIT OVER MY HEAD.

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This is my second.  With my first, I started off 130lbs, 5'9" barely filling a 34A.  I gained 20lbs right before getting pregnant (in hopes of getting pregnant), but didn't change bra size.  I got pregnant that month (it was a super quick weight gain - 20lbs in less than a month!  oops - but it worked).  I nicely filled a 34B by the end of the first trimester - it was the giveaway that I was pregnant.  I didn't grow again until the last few weeks - got a band expander and just dealt with overfilling cups (for the first time ever).  When my milk came in, I overfilled the 34DD for w few weeks.  I settled in a 34D for the rest.  I'm still nursing 2 year old DD.  When I got pregnant with this one, I deflated in first trimester.  Completely.  It was upsetting.  I'm finally back to fitting in my 34D.  No pain or discomfort this time either, except while nursing.  Last time it was quite painful for many months.  What I did notice was that my previously nearly invisible and small nipples that didn't darken much or enlarge much with DD are now getting much darker and huge!  It's probably important to note that I gained 30lbs last pregnancy (so up to 180).  I went down to 145 afterwards, but gradually built it back up to 160/165 (where I started this one).  I have barely gained 10lbs by now (26 weeks).  I had gained 20 of the 30lbs by the end of first trimester last time, and was heavier at 6 months than at 9. 

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Some don't grow at all in pregnancy.  I know that mine did not change one bit until after my 1st child was born.  Then after my second, they didn't change much, after the third there was literally no difference.  I am a small A cup and that is one of the biggest bummers of pregnancy and babies for me!  I was hoping to have cleavage for the first time in my life;)

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36C Pre pregnancy and 40DD at 25 weeks, second pregnancy.

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 Hi gals, thank you for chiming in.   The variety of responses is reassuring.  As it has happened for some of you, perhaps my own cleavage fantasies will come true with the end of the pregnancy and once my milk comes in... :)

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3rd pregnancy, but I also BF my adopted daughter for 3 years so this will be BF number four and I have gone from a 34A to a 34B with this pregnancy. I usually get a lot of growth right before birth.

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Pre DD: 36C

DD pregnancy: 36D

Post DD: 36A


current pregnancy: back to 36C-36D

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I went from a 34 A/B before pregnancy to a 34 DD! My hubby loves it :) I don't like the fact that they shrink back down to little ice cream scoops after though :( Why can't they just stay big? And the empty stretch mark look? not so cute. I think I would have rather kept my perky little sometimes b's instead of having the deflated balloon look after... haha

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I'm a 40DD, and remain a 40DD at 24 weeks, only the ladies have been a bit firmer and rounder than they were pre-pregnancy.  They feel fuller to me, but actually look slightly smaller as they now have to compete with my ballooning belly.  The whole show is sort of forming one lumpy unit at the moment.

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True that! Hate the deflation and stretch marks.

Originally Posted by MaryElizabeth View Post

I went from a 34 A/B before pregnancy to a 34 DD! My hubby loves it :) I don't like the fact that they shrink back down to little ice cream scoops after though :( Why can't they just stay big? And the empty stretch mark look? not so cute. I think I would have rather kept my perky little sometimes b's instead of having the deflated balloon look after... haha


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My breasts are the same size that they were pre-pregnancy, just WAY heavier now. This is my 4th baby (7th pregnancy overall) and my boobs don't tend to grow a whole lot during pregnancy. With my first, ALL of the growth came when my milk did. I went overnight from a 36B to boobs so huge they were the size of LARGE honeydew melons! They ended up fitting into a 38D bra. I gained some extra weight after he was born (from sitting around on my hiney for 5 months) and my bra size went up to a 40D. I still wear that same bra size now.

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Mine grew a cup size during the 1st trimester.  Went from a 34B to a 34C, although, I feel like I could wear a 36C comfortably.  This is my 2nd pregnancy, and my boobs definitely grew bigger faster this time around.  I feel like they have been getting a lot heavier in the past few weeks, and I can really see my veins through my boob skin! 


I don't remember growing that much more after the baby was born, but after about 6 months they started to go back down to normal size even though I was still breastfeeding. 


I'm with the group that wishes they could keep the bigger boobs.  DP loves them.  haha.

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