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I went from a skimpy B to a "moderate" B after my milk came in - I don't remember my breasts growing at all during pregnancy itself. This time they do feel slightly different - yeah, "heavier" is about right - but they don't look any different. Personally I'm thrilled - I've never wanted bigger breasts. It was amusing after my milk came in though - they felt absolutely HUGE to me, even though to a casual observer I was probably just the same flat-chested girl. :p

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Before I had my first I was a 30D, and since having kids my new 'normal' seems to be around a 30F... which is what I revert to when I'm done breastfeeding, too.

So far in this pregnancy I've gone up several cup sizes; by far the most in any pregnancy prior. I'm sitting at a 32I right now.  I. As in the letter after H. The cups of my new bras can FIT OVER MY HEAD.


I'm so in the boat with ya!  I actually walked into the bathroom, grabbed my bra, stuck it on my head and walked out into the hallway.  Chris did a double take and started laughing.  We giggled for a few seconds, then I had to explain why I did it.  I almost took a pic and posted it for ya to share some giggles.  Almost lol.gif


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I've gone from a 34A to a 36D! Most of this happened in first trimester.

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