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Starting late. Poop Help?

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I nanny full time for a very mobile/active 17 month old girl who we'll call J. Her parents used the potty with her a little bit when she was an infant but they mostly used disposable diapers. Her mother has expressed regret that they did not start doing EC (she doesn't call it that, but it's the same idea) much earlier because she is really starting to notice how beneficial it would be. I pointed out that it is never too late and she agreed.

She read "Diaper Free Before 3" and liked it a lot. She bought J cotton training pants and has given me permission to let J go bare-bottomed around the house during the day.


The couple of days went really well! She had very few accidents and enjoyed peeing in the potty! As the days progressed, she seemed less interested in the new "game" and started having more accidents (totally fine and to be expected, from what I understand of this age). At least with the bare bottom or cotton panties, she started being aware of when she was going, so I consider that to be pretty successful.


The biggest issue I have encountered is that she will NOT poop on the potty!!! She's pretty regular and I know around what time to expect a poop to come, but I cannot get her to sit on the potty for it. I've looked at a bunch of resources for late-EC/early-potty "training" and they all say that pooping should be the easiest to catch!

I'm trying really hard not to be goal-oriented about this, because I know that's not the point... but that's a lot easier to do with pee than with poop! haha. especially when it ends up on the floor, in your lap (okay, that was TOTALLY my fault), on her hands......etc.

She's been walking for many months now and it just doesn't seem like she wants to sit for that long. Or maybe she doesn't know that she can poop in the potty? (i usually see her stand to poop).

How can I make it more appealing to her? We read on the potty, she can have special toys on the potty. She might even sit there for a good while, but no poop! She'll hold it until she has on her underpants or a diaper. I don't want to make her hold it, because I don't want to start a cycle of constipation, but it also seems counterproductive to offer her diapers for pooping.



I'd really appreciate any advice!!!!

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let her poop in a diaper while sitting on the potty to get her used to the idea of pooping there? 

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If she likes to stand to poop you could also try letting her stand over a potty to poop until she gets comfortable with the idea, and eventually transition to sitting?

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Sounds like your doing really well. My LO is not digging the potty this month, took his first steps recently. It helps to show your LO the poop from the diaper belongs in the potty. Also take advantage of the fact everyone in the family goes poop or pee everyday on the potty. They want to do what everyone else does, eventually. It's hard, but just be relaxed and consistent.

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Maybe you are putting her on the potty too soon? My DS never, ever wants to sit still. If I tried to put him on the potty too soon he would resist. Even if poopy noises started-we still had to wait until it was right at the point that the poo was ready to be in a potty. (Wooosh, that was a hard sentence to not make sound too gross!) Also, sometimes they start wanting privacy for number 2's, so maybe let her alone in the bathroom with a little potty around that time?

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