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We belong here!!

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My wifey & I just found out that she is pg. I made a logn post in queer parenting, so if you'd like more in depth detail, you can head there to look...So Feb. 20th, we got a bunch of + tests (different brands) went to the dr. Feb. 21st for blood work. Confirmed on Feb. 22nd, went back the 23rd for more bloodwork, to make sure her levels are rising correctly....Got the call back on the 24th that indeed they are rising as they shoul!! So long story short, we are pg!! We did it at home, with donor sperm, and a syringe, she got pg the very first month! Lets hope for a nice, healthy, sticky baby!!


March 22nd is the day I am anticipating, first ultrasound. It will be a huge relief to me, as I am constantly making sure DW is okay, asking how she is feeling etc...


Its alot more stressful looking in I think? Lol


So, hope to meet you all soon and congrats to you all as well!

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Thanks so much!! :)

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Yay, congratulations!  Is this your first?  I'm so excited, I never did the "due date club" last time around, so happy to grow with all of you!



in California

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Congrats & Welcome :)

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