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This is probably rather backwards, but canning and preserving my owns foods makes me feel very wealthy and accomplished.  Probably because 1) not many people in my IRL acquaintence do things like that, and 2) I get organic, all-natural food for a fraction of the cost.  It's so nice to crack open a jar of wild black raspberry jam in the dead of winter.  It tastes just like summer to me, and it feels very luxurious.  I can my own jams, soups, stocks, peaches, applesauce, corn, and spaghetti sauce.  With each new thing I learn to can or preserve, I feel richer!  I think it's a bit ironic, because it used to be the folks who bought items from the store were the wealthy ones!


I'm another one for whom a full pantry = security. Going down to the basement and looking at my shelves of food just makes me feel safe.  We probably only have a 6 week supply, but it's that little margin between us and going hungry if something bad were to happen.


Another thing that just screams luxury to me is a bath in a deep tub.  We had this terrible little hovel of a rental when we first got married.  It was really shabby, but the bathroom had a whirlpool tub that was just HUGE.  DH and I both used to take baths almost every day.  Now that we've bought a home, we can't wait to tear out the cheap tub and put in something decent.  We've been here 5 years, though, and it hasn't happened yet...

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Being able to dress my daughter well. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to see her in a beautiful coat or really good shoes and knowing I was able to provide that for her. Mind you, It's not like I care how anyone else dresses; usually not even me. It's probably because we were really poor, too, growing up and I was very self-conscious about my clothes.


I also like knowing there's money in the bank.


I love treating friends to things and not always having to "split the cheque." Being generous feels rich.


We are not professionals, but we both have stable jobs. Even though I dress dd well, I am a veteran clearance shopper. We don't live with a lot of bells and whistles. We have savings and bought an old, but solid house.We have enough money to go camping every summer. We rarely go out for supper, but we eat well. Like a pp, all in all feeling rich and blessed. I am 43 and never, ever thought I would have these things.

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The day after DH got a raise, I went to a coffeehouse, didn't look at the menu or prices, and just ordered what I wanted.  I felt like a rich lady.

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getting a latte feels rich to me. especially since we've essentially kicked our extensive starbucks habit, and so when we DO go buy coffee, it is something really nice and decadent.


treating a friend to dinner, coffee or whatever, for sure.


buying a pretty baby carrier, new. without thinking too much about it. haha. i mean, i never buy anything without agonizing a little bit, but my 3 baby carriers are awfully pretty and i bought them with about as little consideration to the price as i can imagine buying anything.

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Eating steak for dinner.  Either eating out or at home, but for some reason eating steak at home for dinner feels more luxurious.  I think it's because going out is kind of a special meal anyway.  Eating at home is hum drum, normal food.  If I can afford steak for a normal at home meal we must be doing OK.


Growing up we ate a lot of casseroles, and things like spaghetti and tacos so mom could stretch out the meat to save money.  We'd occasionally have steak to celebrate something special.


This one makes very little sense, but Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies.  They were a very rare treat growing up and even knowing how relatively cheap they are and how unhealthy they are I do occasionally buy some and feel like I'm really indulging myself.

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Getting a latte or ice cream- we've cut it completely from the budget, so having a little extra to do that feels very rich.

Having stocked cupboards.

I think having juice and chips in the house makes DH feel rich- they are his two favorite things that we don't buy often since we keep a pretty tight squeeze on the grocery budget.
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My car starts everytime.  And it has a heater that works. 

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I'm another one for the full pantry. We didn't have money growing up so no luxuries but we did have food. When the money was really tight though there may not have been much food in the house (we never went hungry just didn't have much) so seeing a pantry full of food makes me feel secure. Even if I have a bank full of money and can go buy all the groceries I want not having a full pantry in the house makes me anxious until I have food HERE! I just feel more secure knowing that no matter what happens with the money the food is there. Desserts make me feel extra rich too. I make them myself so they aren't expensive but it's still an 'extra' in the food budget so we don't eat a lot of them so when I do get a nice slice of cake or a warm brownie it's luxury!


Also agree with the nice kitchen items. When dh and I first got together I had cheapo crappy kitchen stuff and hated cooking. I have acquired a few nicer things now and it makes me feel rich to have them. I love cooking and making a nice meal for my family when I have the right tools to do it and know they aren't going to break when I'm in the middle of dinner. They aren't high end expensive things but they are decent quality and I love them.


Agree with the heat or air in the house too. I've been where we had to heat just one room/area of the house to save costs or not run the ac and that is really miserable in the south. To be able to have the house comfortable and not stress over it is nice.


Ahhh so nice to see the 'little things' that count. I think one thing for dh feeling rich (and loved too) is when I pick up one of his favorites as a treat for him for his snacks or lunches like a jar of pickles or some beef jerky. Oh and I love a nice cold coke every now and then. Not healthy but sooo good on occasion and a treat.

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Originally Posted by diana_of_the_dunes View Post


Another thing that just screams luxury to me is a bath in a deep tub.  We had this terrible little hovel of a rental when we first got married.  It was really shabby, but the bathroom had a whirlpool tub that was just HUGE.  DH and I both used to take baths almost every day.  Now that we've bought a home, we can't wait to tear out the cheap tub and put in something decent.  We've been here 5 years, though, and it hasn't happened yet...

Oh God yeah, I forgot that. Whan I first moved back to the US, having lived in Europe from the age of 12, the luxury, the glory of the eternal hot water! 20 years later, I still remember that first year in New York, I had a bath every night, a shower every morning and still could not believe that there was always hot water when I turned on the tap. I used to write to my brother and sign it "Greetings from the land of Eternal Hot Water"...


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DD and I love gala apples. For a big treat in the winter I will go to Whole Foods and buy a few of those organic apples imported from New Zealand. I know it sounds silly but the idea that I can enjoy an apple from the other side of the world when it's snowing outside seems so amazing to me  =)

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I consider myself to be quite fortunate in general as we are relatively well off financially. We just bought our first house, which makes me feel both grown up and like I have "made it" - it needs a lot of work but is our dream house in the making. The tranquility that I feel when I walk into our house and see ourselves surrounded by woods in the middle of suburbia makes me feel particularly rich inside. I also feel rich when we can afford to fly to DH's home country and enjoy a 3 week holiday without too may concerns.


Those, of course, are big ticket items. As for smaller things, luxury is having a cappucino at Starbucks, dinner out, and clothes beyond the basics for myself. I feel thankful to have a full pantry - I have been fortunate in that it was never an issue for me growing up. I never did the "starving student" period either, so I count myself particularly fortunate that food was never scarce. We did have a tight year after DD was born as DH had been in school for several years and we were living off my one income which did not seem to stretch as far as desirable. Our big treat back then was a trip to Starbucks to share a treat and coffee.


As I travel quite a bit to developing countries for my work (and pleasure), there is little that does not make me feel rich - our food, our clothes, our car, our home (whether rented or owned), all the little "treats" we allow ourselves day in and day out. I know that we are rich compared to most of the world's population and are also above average for the US.

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When I can pay for unexpected expenses...the last time we took our car in for an oil change, they found some things that need work. It felt so nice to tell them "yeah, go ahead" and not worry about trying budgeting for it!

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this sounds so silly but my home in general. my home makes me feel rich and warm and happy. for YEARS I lived in a house that made me unhappy. It was ugly, it lacked character, it was falling apart, it held painful memories, etc. We moved on Thanksgiving day to this new home in a lovely town with lovely schools and a wonderful landlord and I ADORE my home now. It's beautiful and full of light and so open. The hardwoods pick up the sunlight beautifully and look so warm. My mom has helped me decorate with little bits here and there and I'm thrilled with the bright colors. I LOVE my house. It makes me feel so rich to walk in my front door and see a space that reflects ME for once instead of it just being 4 walls to keep the rain off my head.
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Originally Posted by carfreemama View Post never, ever thought I would have these things.

This, exactly.  Having things I thought I would never, ever have.  A house that's warm enough.  Having a haircut that doesn't need correcting.  Not being scorned as a prima donna for trimming bone and gristle from meat instead of eating it.  And, most of all, not feeling humiliated for being uncomfortable with something cold or ugly.  That has nothing whatsoever to do with money, and everything to do with wealth.  I always wanted that and never, ever thought I'd have it.

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A full gas tank and a full pantry!

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Sitting down to pay the bills and at the end of it, not having gone into overdraft.


A warm, tidy (and this is critical for me, don't ask me why) house with music playing.


Watching my kids play some crazy, imaginative game and having fun (and not actually fighting!).


Having friends over for dinner.


I love this thread!

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Being able to afford music lessons for my children. 

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Having dress shoes for my daughter to wear to church. I grew up with three sisters, and there were never enough dress shoes. I hated wearing tennies with skirts! Even if I get them from yard sales, I will ALWAYS have dress shoes for my little girl (at least as long as she wants them!)

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Our rich splurge is cotton sateen sheets. That makes us feel like royalty.


Warm bread from the oven, with melted butter on top.

A full pantry, with rows of home canned foods

Plenty of books to read

My two children playing outside without worries of pollution, red zone days, or traffic

My circle of friends

Being able to barter for goods and services amongst my friends and neighbors

Not having to work for someone else, but being able to work for my family and further our own dreams and goals - that one has come with many sacrifices!

Paying the bills and not having a panic attack while doing it because there's actually enough money to cover the checks

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mini babybel cheeses - my kids love them, and we eat a lot of them. There was a time when I would have only bought them every once in awhile and only on sale.

I just thought of that b/c I saw the 3 yo grab one out of the fridge for a quick snack.
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