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For me it's being able to eat out regularly, and being able to stop and grab a coffee or buy a treat for the kids or whatever when we're out and about.  Right now we can't afford ANY eating out, and I have to say no to the kids every single time they ask for a small treat and it feels awful.

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Not having to balance the checkbook to the penny and being able to pay things when they are due without having to wait until payday.  I hate this right now and miss having a "cushion" so so so much.


But that is my security and makes me happy.  I'm ok being broke, just not behind!

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Eating out and going out for coffee. We haven't been able to do this in long while and it feels pretty extravagent when we get to. Stopping to buy a coffee or pick up a treat for the kids.


Being able to go on vacation or out to a family activity that isn't free.

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Luxurious woolens.


Quality bed linens.


Home-made air-freshener.  (water and peppermint extract in a spray bottle)


Home-made bread/muffins.  (I like the smell... though, can't eat them due to allergies.)



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For me, it's having ziplock bags and Saran wrap. Lame, I know......
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Here's my few "little luxuries"


A full pantry makes me feel warm and secure


Splurging and buying some high quality yarn (I feel so spoiled throughout the whole project)


A nice deep hot bath


Clean, decorated rooms, even though I know most of the stuff is thrifted I still feel like we are doing well in life by how my home looks

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When I go to sleep under the warm covers in my warm(-ish) home and then wake up and get to take a warm shower I feel so incredibly grateful. I've never been without these things, but I know so many people in this world don't have these luxuries. I feel so content just to enjoy the moment.

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I feel rich when I have fresh flowers at all the sinks---kitchen and 2 bathrooms (I divide up the bouquet). love.gif And when I get the Sunday NYTimes delivered. smile.gif
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Today, we treated my parents to breakfast, it felt great.  They always treat us, even for their own bdays, but today I insisted.  We have to watch our spending, but it was wonderful to treat them and know it wasn't breaking the bank :)

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When DH and I can buy eachother gifts for holidays... birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, whatever... So many holidays go unobserved by us. So when we can actually celebrate a holiday, it feels good.

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I took a sweet stray cat to the vet today and got him assessed and treated, treated for worms and fleas.  I feel pretty rich to be able to do that.  Altho, I did sacrifice a few good meals for the next two weeks... I'm eating soup and pasta for the next 19 days at least (within the budget), but have a great feeling, flea free, well fed cat happily snoozing on my couch.  :)    aww


I also feel rich b'c I have the knowledge and skills to find this fuzzy guy a forever home.  And, even though I'm scared to write this, I'm rich b'c I know that if I can't find this animal a forever home, that I'll have the resources to become its home.  But, I'M SO NOT A CAT PERSON!  I hope someone will fall in love with this guy and help him.  He's a Maine Coon and is young and already neutered.  SO sweet and has a funny personality.  Uh, this is why I feel rich... I know that I'll be able to deal, whatever happens.  I'm rich, I'm rich rich rich...

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Being able to buy my kids a few clothes and rain boots new at the store, even if it's only from the clearance rack! Feels very luxurious after so much time of only being able to afford thrift of garage sale clothing.


Also, a fully stocked pantry. :)

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Removed because it was off-topic.  Sent a pm instead.


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Having a full pantry, fridge & freezer!


Sipping a latte (weather it's from a coffee house or made by me at home!)


Having a nice clean, decorated & organized home.  I just bought new throw pillows & I couldn't believe how rich it made me feel!


Hardwood floors!


Having a big variety of teas (enough that I have one entire kitchen cabinet devoted!)





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I LOVE this thread.  I have several that have already been covered, but I'll reiterate anyway!


*my new pans-my biggest splurge and what a return on the investment!  Each time I walk into my kitchen, cook, consider a recipe etc. they make me feel rich beyond measure.  AND they really tie the room together.  winky.gif

*birdseed, most definitely!  We just started being able to buy it and that bag makes me SO happy.  I love my birds and the fact that they flock to my yard!

*fresh flowers.  I get a bunch once a month and man, does that brighten things up!

*being well stocked will do it every time.

*a clean house-instant richness (means I had enough free time to make it a priority, which only happens if I'm not scrambling to pay bills.)

*a haircut.

*my hairbrush.  I know it's funny, but I feel rich every morning when I use it.  It was a gift, it was absurdly expensive and I feel bathed in luxury when I pick it up.  It's the little things, you know?

*my winter coat.  it was a gift from my parents and it's beautiful.  rather dressy, very much ME and I feel like a million bucks wearing it.

*a beautiful and satisfying meal.  Makes me realize how lucky I am.

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An outfit that fits as though it was tailored just for me!  A hair cut that is at a real salon where I get my hair washed and styled. 


During college and for several years afterward I never got either of those above and now that DH and I have been saving and budgeting and finding ways to be frugal I can get regular hair cuts at a REAL salon and I feel so pampered every time I go in.  I just bought a new Easter outfit that fits me perfectly and I can't wait to be able to wear it.  It wasn't anything I NEEDED, but it was on sale, looked great on me and so I splurged!


This is a fun thread, thanks for starting it!

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i love this thread!   definitely when i have a full pantry and fridge. 

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Deleting for privacy concerns.

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Being able to buy whatever we want (organic, free range, fair trade, fresh etc.) at the grocery store

Leaving a tip at the restaurant (it's not expected or commonly done here)

Giving money to charity or a beggar

Having very little possessions, but high quality things I really enjoy using (like large soft grey wool blanket, real linen sheets, vintage mixing bowl, smooth wooden spoon, wood floors, DD's handmade -by me- toys, all natural bed and so on)

My long hair, just because it feels luxurious, not because it actually costs any money (I cut it myself)

Living by the beach, I'm constantly happy about it!


And surely, having no debt and having money in the bank, making more than we are spending although these are not little things..

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I love the feeling of going grocery shopping and even when it rings up a bit more than I expected, I don't have any problem paying and I still have more money if I need it for something else. 

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