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We finally transitioned our 2.5 year old out of her beloved crib last week and she LOVES her twin bed. The only problem is that I am traveling with her next week and have no idea what to have her sleep in. Up until now she has slept in a Bjorn travel crib when we take trips. She doesn't do well co-sleeping, so that isn't an option. At my sister's house she could sleep in a trundle except she wakes up usually once a night and needs me to go in and give her some comfort and tuck her back in and that will wake my 6 year old niece. So I am looking for a travel bed for her to sleep in the room with me. I'd like something of good quality since we travel fairly frequently. I looked into the Pea Pod tents, but saw a few complaints about the smell and I have also looked at the Aerobeds for toddlers, but saw complaints that the mattress is noisy. 


Would love to hear any suggestions for travel beds for kids. Thanks!