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first out :(

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just woke up to cramping and spotting, so it doesn't look good.  i'm pretty worried b/c that's how my first pregnancy and loss went, and it was ectopic, which was pretty horrible.  so please send good vibes that it isn't that this time.

good luck and sticky babies to you mamas <3

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Sorry to hear it.  :-(  Many good vibes and best wishes to you.

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I said it in the roster, but I'll say it here again.  I'm so sorry.  I hope that this one wasn't ectopic and is at least physically easy.  I wish there were any more words, besides I'm sorry.

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thanks, y'all.  the dr on the phone (he is so very nice) talked to me and said that usually ectopics go a little longer before bleeding begins, so it's likely either a very early loss ('chemical') or nothing wrong.  some people do experience bleeding and go on to have a fine pregnancy, but i'm not getting my hopes up at all this time.  but just about anything is better than an ectopic, for sure.  doc's suggestion is to try to test again tomorrow and see what happens, depending on if i get a + or an -, and go from there...

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I'm sorry you are having to go through this Hildare. My thoughts are with you and we are sending you positive thoughts.


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Thinking positively for you hildare, hoping you have some good news soon.

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I hope everything is ok hildare and you get some (positive) answers soon.

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hildare, I'm thinking of you and hope you're okay. Hugs, mama.

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Thinking of you Hildare and hope all turns out ok. Hugs.

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Thinking of you, Hildare.  Hugs.

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well, got a bfn today.. which is kind of a relief, actually --an ectopic is something i do NOT want to repeat.  i think maybe i learned a lesson about early testing though.  :(  i'll wait till AF's supposed to already be here next time... if i had done that, it would just seem like a very heavy/painful period right now and not all the panic to carry over into next time. 


thanks for the kind words, i hope all of the november babies are sticky, healthy, and beautiful!!!  ;)

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Thank you for your thoughts for us.  I hope your next one is soon and sticky as glue . . . or maybe stickier.  Assuming that that's what you want.  Take care of yourself and allow yourself to feel bad if you need to.  And I'm so glad that it least it wasn't ectopic!  Good luck to you!

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I'm so sorry *hugs* My chemical pregnancy, I knew something was wrong. I tested AFTER AF and got a positive :( then two days later, it was negative (that's the cycle on which I conceived when we were trying to take a break). Sticky baby vibes to you for when you're ready to try again.

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