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RSSAA or Detroit Waldorf?

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Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone here knows about RSSAA and Detroit Waldorf, and what do you know about them, the good and the bad, and which one do you think better and why or are they just about the same?  I am planning on sending my daughter to a pre-K in RSSAA  this September... but before I make my final decision I need some input regarding both schools.  Both schools are gonna be a long commute for me, 20-30 miles each way, so if anyone here has the experience on the long commute can you please share them with me too?



Thank you!

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Hi Fluffy Fluff,

We looked at both and decided on DWS. I have the luxury of living between both, so our decision was completely about the schools. I'm wondering where you live? There is a WONDERFUL Waldorf pre=school through K program in Southfield called Bluebird house. It is run out of the womans' home. She is a former teacher at DWS and a current Waldorf teacher trainer. I found the program to be a little richer than what either of the bigger schools could provide and cheaper too. My 2 year old attends parent tot there, and my now 7 year old finished the program before going to 1st grade at DWS. The rest of the graduates that year split 1/2 way down the middle between both schools, mostly because of logistics. I loved Bluebird House and it helped me to meet other Waldorf minded families and learn more about the community before making a commitment to one of the bigger schools.

I'd rather keep my opinions of both schools between you and I but would be happy to discuss further with you. If you are so inclined, send me an e-mail and I will forward you my telephone #. Also, a friend of mine will be hosting an open house tea in Royal Oak at the end of the month to talk with parents who are interested in Detroit Waldorf. DWS is having parents from the farthest corners of their enrollment host these teas,so if this is something that would be helpful you could call the school and find out if there is one closer to you. 

Regardless, I hope you find what is best for you and your family. Here is my e-mail girligoddess@gmail.com .




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Wanted to add that one of the bigger factors in our choice was meeting both 1st grade teachers after they were announced..Being in a more neutral position of attending an outside school I felt I had less bias when meeting both teachers. As you probably already know your child will theoretically have the same teacher for 8 years. After meeting them both and discussing their merits with those who knew them I was confident in my choice and we are DELIGHTED with our teacher and school thus far!

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