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Look at gasbuddy.com also for best prices on gas in your area. I try to do that too and go to the station with the best fuel price on route when we need it and fill up so we limit trips to the stations.

We saved 17 cents a gallon doing that the other day.

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There is a gas buddy app, as well.


I read this article the other day - and it had some interesting things I hadn't ever heard of before, like fill-up on off days and fill-up in the morning (don't know how accurate they are):


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I have been riding public transporation a LOT lately.  I have to drive to work on the weekends..as I do home health, and I can't make it to client's houses in time..but I can do public transit most of the rest of the time which saves a lot on my tank. Luckily, I have a free bus/train pass through my college right now too :).


When I need to run errands, I try to group my stops.  So if I have to go to my work office to drop off paperwork, I also do my grocery stops or other little things I need to while I'm out. 


Just realized my car is only getting about 17 miles/ a gallon, which is terrible!  I can't afford a new car, and to fix the mileage problem, it would cost about $1000..and I'm only planning on keeping the car at max another two years while DH and I finish school, so not wanting to invest a ton into it.


If I lived in a safer area with safer drivers, I'd consider getting a bike trailer and riding my bike around town as well.  But I really feel like that's a death wish trying to get around my area!

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I'll borrow my mom's smaller car with better gas mileage for longer trips, unless it's too hot (it doesn't have a/c).  I left the back seats out of our minivan since we don't need them and theoretically less weight means less gas.  We don't need such a big car but we can't afford to buy one with better gas mileage and I do like being able to pick up things from freecycle with it.


A while back, I put some effort into finding doctors, dentists, optometrists, etc closer to home.  I had noticed that the ones we had been going to had been moving farther away or the ones we'd go to because friends recommended them tended to be farther away from us than our friends, themselves. 


We use gas points from the grocery store, stay home a lot, and combine trips when we can.  And I pay attention to my driving style.  I avoid rush hour traffic ordinarily since we homeschool and can do that.

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I take the Honda Fit for weekend shopping trips, as needed.  The gas mileage is very good. I am shopping on line for the few things we need that are available that way, and looking for free shipping.  Saves gas, and wear and tear.

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We have a larger family (2 adults, 4 kids) so when we are all together we need to use the minivan. The van gets around 17 mpg. I have a smaller, more fuel efficient older Honda Odessey that has been in the shop for a while (trying to find parts...). DP and I drive whatever vehicle is available and the most fuel efficient. We each have a small station wagon also. During the day while the older kids are at school I run errands with the two littles in the wagon. We don't usually need to drive the big van.


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We started many years ago when we chose to live in the center of town even though we would have REALLY enjoyed the country. 


We both are employed less than one mile from home, which has involved some compromises as well. 


We often bike or walk even though we do not live in a very good town for biking.  I recently bought a cargo bike which can carry passengers/groceries/etc. and have made good use of it.  We do one bigger shopping trip to the next town every other week.  We consolidate errands for less driving.


We skip a lot of recreational opportunities if they are outside of our town.



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Originally Posted by goldingoddess View Post


Our car, Honda Fit, has one of those meters that shows you what gas mileage you are getting, that helps a lot.


My car,  a Hyundai Tucson, has this feature too.  My dh and I have a competition who can get the best mileage, lol.  He always wins!  I blame it on the fact that he wears sneakers more than me because for some reason whenever I wear sneakers I get better mileage, but I usually wear flip-flops.  It has really made me more aware of when I use the most gas.  I will take the highway if at all possible because I get the best mileage at around 50-60 mph.  Driving at low speeds uses up the most gas, as well as quick accelerations.  Idleing used the most gas.  Dh taught me to not start the car till about 15 sec before I leave.  He says that modern cars don't need to "warm up".  I would previously start the car as soon as possible, then get dd buckled in and get all situated, usually taking 1-2 minutes.  But now I do all that first, then start the car, then leave.  Using the a/c does use a lot more gas, so I try to avoid it when I'm driving low speeds.


Of course, all this is minimal gas conservation at best.  Our goal is to live where we don't need a car at all or for very rare occasions.  I do not believe the future of America is in motoring.  We need to get out of the car, and back into the community.  Of course, that is not at all possible for many many people so we need other alternatives (light rail, etc.) But now I'm just rambling.....:)



Oh, ETA:  I do limit my "out of town" activities since I do have to travel often (600 miles round trip once a month).  I know that sounds completely hypocritical given my rant just now, but it is for a very good reason, and it is only temporary. Oh, and dh commutes in a motorcycle to save gas $ too.

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I noticed that our gas stations have cheaper gas on Thursday nights and followed it for a year. It works, on average I am right.

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