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i have been using the Single Speed version of this (i read reviews by people who stated that there wasn't much difference between the two speeds) for 2-3 years now. I LOVE IT! i was using a fan before i found this amazing piece of gadgetry. It was too cold to run the fan in the winter and didn't want a fan running at the same time i had a heater in the room running too. Hence the best investment so far.  It's small enough to travel with, it stays on (no automatic shut-off, no timer, no breaks between songs like on the iPod, etc) and i use it in my son's room. It really is the perfect sound machine. you don't have to worry about overheating, whirring blades or it accidentally falling over. I highly suggest it; the BEST $50 i spent.

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LOL Yes, me too! I used to turn on the fan in the bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom, not too far from the bassinett. Back then I don't think white noise machines were well known! Have fun you all! 

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I bought one from walmart in the pharmacy section wiht the hairdryers and things like that. I don't remember the make , but it has white noise, heartbeat, thunder, waves, and a bunch of other nature sounds, I think about 10 settings. Battery or plug in, it was about 15 or 20$. Right now it is lost as the older kids will play with it, so I turn on the air exchanger, it will run for about 20 minutes then auto shut off.

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We use the cds from PureWhiteNoise.com.  They offer many sounds, including the fan cd, which has done wonders for us!

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Thanks mamas! I love all the diy/low-cost solutions--that's normally how I do everything too---but we've got logistical issues that are requiring a free-standing noise unit. (DD starts her nights in her crib--in her room, then I bring her to our bed after her first waking. Our rooms are adjacent, so I need the white noise to be in the hallway between them. Her naps have been in our bed lately too. Plus anything IN her room would make it too hard to hear her monitor. And we play a lullaby cd on her iPod dock.)

The fan suggestions brought back a wonderful childhood memory for me... We had a whole-house attic fan, which was the greatest white noise maker! So loud, yet soothing. Except when the timer shut off and I woke from the sudden silence! I wish we could have one in our current home, but there's no room.

If anyone else has experience with the white noise machines, I'd love to hear about it!
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Those Marpac ones are great. I use them in every bedroom plus at work as a therapist. They last for years using them every day.

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Thanks, gradstudentmommy. Do you use the single or dual speed model, or know fit's worth getting the dual speed?
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Originally Posted by lucy_v View Post

Thanks, gradstudentmommy. Do you use the single or dual speed model, or know fit's worth getting the dual speed?

I use the dual speed ones. There's not a whole lot of difference between the two speeds but I like having the option. I try to use the quieter speed for our kids' rooms but if our environment is particularly noisy, I use the higher speed. And I use the higher speed for myself You can also turn the top to adjust the number of openings and that changes the sound volume and quality a little bit.

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Great, thanks for the detailed info!
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